I had a Doctor's appointment today and everything is looking good so far. I'll have another ultrasound Monday, February 12th, so maybe we'll get some more proof of our girl and boy at that point!


a little clarification

Nicole wanted me to mention that although the doctors are 100% on the boy, they are pretty sure about Lila but not 100%.
Also, because the NFL is desperate for Peyton Manning to win a superbowl, and they knew the Saints would beat the Colts, the NFL made the Saints lose to the Refs and the Bears last weekend. I mention this because I have to move on from the jokingly made comments that we would name our kid after a Saint so that my buddy Otis can begin his grieving process. Good lookin' out, Otis.


Welcome to all

If you are reading this you must be wondering why you are spending time looking at this when the twins are only 17 weeks since fertilization. Well, I can't sleep because the Saints are 60 minutes of average football away from playing in the Superbowl. It is hard to believe that so many great things can happen in one year. Our two little miracles, baby A and baby B, could be joined in 2007 lore with the likes of Deuce, Joe, Drew, Reggie and Marques. In fact, Nicole has already agreed that if the Saints win our twins will have 2 of those 5 names.

Actually, yesterday we got some big news, which will be the first big development posted on this site. After our ultrasound of 1/3/07 we learned that Baby B was 100% a boy, but Baby A was too stretched out to get any read, although the ultrasound technician hinted at boy. Well, after yesterday the technician is ready to say that Baby A is.......a girl.

Yes, it appears that the Parnell twins will be boy/girl, and the first names have been picked.

Bennett ______ Parnell and Lila _______ Parnell.

Bennett is my middle name, and Lila is a name Nicole and I both were drawn to. I believe that it is also a family name of mine but research is still ongoing.

Well, the twins are 17 weeks old tomorrow (every friday they hit another week in the womb), and all the weights and measurements are looking good so far. Nicole is doing great and is looking sexier every day with her little belly. I will update this weekly or so until the big day nears. The due date now stands at June 29, although we expect their arrival a few weeks ahead of schedule.


*Dianne Dyer-Fields made me do this, so if you think it is dumb, talk to her. Apparently my time is of no importance and she requires this information to be at her disposal. Love ya dirty.