a litte more clarification

After my appointment yesterday, the Dr. told me that she was HOPEFUL I would make it to 39 weeks, and that she would not schedule my c-section before that time. But, there are a lot of things that could cause this time frame to change. If I go into labor on my own, and am at least 36 weeks, then they probably wouldn't try to stop the labor. So, basically we will just play it by ear and hope the babies stay inside long enough to be as healthy as possible.
Now, if Bennett would just get his head out of my ribcage, everything would be wonderful!!!!


23 week level 4 ultrasound

Today we had the level 4 ultrasound at Tulane Hospital. Bennett is 1 lb 11 oz, Lila is 1 lb 8 oz. We got to see all four chambers of their hearts, observe the bloodflow in and out of organs like the heart and also the brain. We looked at different parts of the brain, as well as the normal legs, feet, hands, etc. Bennett was active the entire time, kicking and moving. Lila was more cooperative, and when it was time for her closeup, she posed for us with her arms in the air, as if screaming "Touchdown, L-S-U!".
Everything is looking great.
Nicole also had an appointment with her OB today, and because of her measurements the Dr. believes that she will make it to around 39 weeks. That puts us around June 22. By the way, Father's Day this year is June 17!

Not everything was great today however. Elise has apparently caught the vomit-bug going around. She decided to wait until about 830 tonight when she was sound asleep to have her first one, and it scared both her and us. 2 hours later, and as I am starting my 3rd load of sheets, towels, and clothes, she seems to be a little better.

As Nicole's father would say, Welcome to the joys of parenthood! He uses this phrase as a favorite, substituting the word parenthood with whatever the situation begs, i.e. home ownership, car ownership.

More later.