Summer has also included some impromptu concerts.

With interesting costumes...

Trips to the dentist...

Game nights.

Fun on the rope swing.

Trips back to the dentist for a cavity.

And lots of love.



Elise really wanted a sleepover for her 8th birthday- and we so agreed that if she kept it small we could do it. I had a lot of fun planning out the night for them. Like most 8 year olds, Elise likes anything neon and funky with peace signs. I found these fun shirts on clearance for less than $4 at Old Navy and so that was the theme we went with!!!


We had the playroom all ready and waiting for the girls to arrive.
As soon as they got here they all got changed into their shirts and ate pizza.

How cute are they???

A sweet friend of mine personalized the cups for them.

I ordered some of Elise's favorite cookies.

Then the girls got to work decorating pillow cases.

After they were finished with their project we took a "field trip" to Elise's favorite spot- Just Chillin'- for snoballs and ice cream.

Here we sang Happy Birthday to our big eight year old!

And then played some super fun rounds of hang man. The girls each had a turn thinking of the phrase, while the others guessed.

Sweet Natalie.

Madeleine spelled Pontchartrain Rules!! They love their school!

Sweet Constance- "I love my friends"

Natalie - "Happy Birthday Elise"

And then with their bodies....ELISE.....

In the morning the ate breakfast and then spent a little time goofing around on the trampoline!

Sweet girls. 
We more than survived our first slumber party- we actually enjoyed it!!
Thrilled that our girl had such a fun time celebrating with her friends.



All three kids, but especially Elise, LOVE the Zoo2U camp. 
This is her third year and the twins' second. They spend a week out on a beautiful farm about 30 minutes away (not sleep away) and are able to explore the grounds, take care of animals, and ride horses and even a camel!


Mexican night

We met the Mills and Richardsons for dinner at Caretta's. The waiter was feeling brave and gave the kids their own corner booth! Fun times!


saying "see you soon" to special friends

Some of our very best friends, the Barrois, are moving this summer, but thankfully only about 2 hours away. 
I met Kimberly when Elise and Ella were both 9 months old- they are 8 days apart and actually looked a lot a like at that point. I was still adjusting to being a stay at home Mom, which although it was what I always wanted, was a little lonelier than I imagined- especially since I didn't really have any friends in the same boat at the time. We hit it off immediately- and our "playdates" when the girls were so little hold such a special place in my heart. As our families grew- so did our friendship- Camille and the twins were due two weeks apart and ended up being 6 weeks apart. I will forever be grateful for their family and our special bond.

We made sure to let the girls get some special time together before the move.
 Elise and Ella had a special sleepover to celebrate their birthdays together...

And Camille and Lila did as well.

Kimberly took the girls for special dinner and sno balls another night.

And as they were pulling out of Mandeville we joined them and the Kitchens for old times' sake at Chik fil-a.

We plan to stop by and visit on our way home from the beach at the end of the month. Looking forward to it already!!!


Happy 4th of July!!!

After a fun, full day, we came home for some rest and then got ready for a little dinner and bingo!

This picture of Bennett just cracks me up...Mr. Serious...

We sat with our sweet friends, the Ellefsons.

And Lila and Riley hit the jackpot!!!!

Elise and Reese did not. :(

What a fun day!!!