Merry Christmas!

Elise (in her Cinderella nightgown)playing with her toys from Santa!

Bennett looking at the tree..

Elise reading at SuSu and G's...

Ready for a winter walk!
Lila Sue with her GREAT Grandpa!
Bennett and Grandpa Roland
Christmas Eve bathtime....
Lila working off her Christmas dinner!


Elise's pacifier

Ok- I know a lot of ya'll are looking at the picture of the three of them in bed and saying "why is elise the one with a pacifier?" I swear we are working on this. I am not in denial that she is too old, I am just easing her out of it. So, she only uses it at night and during her nap now! Yippee! Progress.
On another note, she has gone on the potty two days in a row! Big excitement around here!!
Love ya'll!



First bits of sweet potatoes...

Snuggle time!


6 months old

The twins are now 6 months old. I can barely believe it! The time really has flown by...
They had a great check-up this week. Here are their current stats: Bennett weighs 19 lbs 2oz and is 27.5 inches long. Lila is 19 lbs 10oz and 26 inches long. They are getting so big and turning into such little people. They are really starting to interact with each other and with their big sis. It is so neat to watch. We are all looking forward to Christmas and have several other milestones to look forward to this month. My Dad is turning 60 and my Grandpa (Dad's Dad) is turning 90!! So, we have a lot to celebrate. I'll post some pictures soon. Hope you all are doing well!
Love, Nicole


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We spent the day with our family at my parents house. It was such a nice day. We have so much to be thankful for!!


Twins are Baptized

The twins were Christened on Sunday, November 4th at Christ Episcopal Church in Covington.
Godparents for Lila are Brad and Lissa Boerner and for Bennett Shelley and Gray Adams. Both couples are friends of both David and me from college who live close and who we hope will be able to see the twins frequently as they grow up. We had a small gathering at our house with Godparents and family after the church service.
Hope everyone is doing well...
Love, Nicole

Happy Halloween

Butterfly Elise with Bonnie Kate
Our screaming caterpillers!!!


Pumpkin Patch - October 20, 2007

We took a trip to the Ms. Heather's Pumpkin Patch with the multiples group on Saturday! It was lots of fun to see all of the other twins and triplets! The weather was really nice and everyone had a great time!


4 Month Check-up

The twins are doing great! We really are so lucky! Bennett is now charting (that's what the Doctor says) as a 6 month old at 16lb 5oz. Lila is charting as a 7 month old at 16lb 15oz. In other words, they are huge! Hopefully Bennett will pass Lila back up one day so she isn't the giant of the two! Bennett can now roll over and he is so proud of himself!! Lila is more interested in grabbing onto to shiny things- she likes jewelry already! Smart girl!

Nashville was really fun! The ride actually wasn't bad at all and Elise had a blast with her favorite "MO"!!! The above pics are the twins in the pack and play at Mo's house and Elise and Bennett watching Little Einsteins...

Hope everyone is doing well.

Love, Nicole


September has flown by. Elise is back in Mother's Day Out twice and week and is loving it! I am loving having some alone time with the twins, and am taking Elise to "gymnastics" once a week so I can have alone time with her. We have restarted our weekly Wednesday night dinners with Mimi and Grandpa and we are really enjoying that! I know I am so thankful that my kids will get to know 3 of their Great-Grandparents!

The twins are HUGE! Bennett is 16lb 3oz and Lila has passed her brother and is now 16lb 10oz!! I looked back at Elise's baby book and she was only 14lb 9oz when she was 4 months- and we thought she was big!! They have also started sleeping through the night..from about 9 until 5:30 or 6, so David and I are feeling much better now! I hate that this isn't a better picture of Lila, but it is hard to get a good one of all three!!

We are taking our first long road trip to Nashville in 2 weeks to visit Aunt Mo! Elise can't wait! I am really looking forward to it too (except for the 8 hours in the car with three babies!!)

Hope everyone is doing well!

Love, Nicole


Lila and Bennett are now 3 months old and are doing great!! Lila seems to have a little bit more of a temper than her little brother- which is evident in the picture above!! They are both really sweet babies though. They are now sleeping from 10-4, which is great! I can't wait until 4 becomes 5 and then 6 and then 7! YEAH!

Elise starts Mother's Day Out on Wednesday and once she gets over the initial adjustment I know she'll love have timing away from the babies where she can play with all of the "big kids" her age!

We recently came back from our family beach trip and she had a total blast! The twins didn't enjoy it so much, but I know next year will be a whole different story. We hope everyone is doing well and welcome visitors whenever! Love, Nicole


8 weeks old!!!

Well the twins are now 8 weeks old and it is surprising how quickly that time has gone by. WE are not really sleeping that much, and there is really nothing easy about this process. I have absolutely no clue how Nicole does what she does - truly superwoman. But, the rewards are starting to begin as bennett cracks a half crooked smile after he has eaten and is drunk off of milk. Lila just screams a lot. But they both do that. If i wanted to torture you I would put a sound file on the page so you could hear what i am listening to as i type this while balancing lila on my knees. Anyway, Nicole and I had our first family dinner out a week ago, and Elise was great. the twins slept through most of it, and once they woke up they were interested in the noises of Caretta's (mexican restaurant in Mandeville that is always packed). They did great.
We are preparaing for the twins first overnight trip which will either be to Brookhaven, MS, to see the Boerner's or to Baton Rouge to see Jared's new place. That will certainly be a joy for all, and probably our last trip to whichever place is dumb enough to invite us.

The kids are both over 13 pounds now, and Elise at 2 is only 25. Bennett is catching up with Elise. But actually, it is Lila that is the pudge of the group, along with me (David).

More later... for now some pics and some pics of Elise with her present for her second birthday!!!


1 month check up

The twins are now a month old. I can't believe it. It has really gone by fast...
Bennett is up to 11 lbs 2ounces and Lila now weighs 10 lbs 10 ounces! They are really big, chunky babies! Everyone at the pediatrician's office really laughs at our "preemies" that are bigger than most full term single babies! We are so lucky...


2 week (almost) check-up

I took the babies for their two week check up today and they are doing great. They each gained a whole pound since last week!!! They are getting so big already, I can't believe it!


Finally Home

Hi everyone! We are finally home and I am so glad to be back! We were able to come home last Tuesday and so far things are going well. Obviously, no one is getting much sleep around here, but that was to be expected. Elise is adjusting really well and is very into helping with her brother and sister. Thanks so much to everyone for all the thoughts and prayers over the last couple of weeks. We are so lucky to have added 2 more healthy babies to our family- sometimes I still can't believe it!! I wanted to attach some more pictures of the babies and of big sis Elise!

Love, Nicole