swimming for the sharks

We spend a ton of our summer at the pool, and this year we will be there even more because all three kids (YES! ALL 3!) are on the swim team. We are so proud of them and so excited that they are all doing it together.
Today was the "fun meet". The kids' chance to see what a meet is and how it works....

Elise and Lila got to swim next to each other...

Then it was Bennett's turn. He's the one with the swim cap on. So funny, he heard one of the young coaches say it makes you faster (I think he should be worried about learning freestyle first) and so he had to swim with a cap. So, we got one for he and Elise to share. Lila wanted no part in it.

Elise and her buddy Constance enjoying post swim sno-balls.


I have awesome memories of swim team growing up and am so glad that the kids are loving it so far! Glad they had a great first day!!


last day

David surprised the kids with donuts (the biggest donuts I've ever seen!) for their last day of school this morning. As you can see, Lila was in a goofy mood from the beginning, while Bennett was not amused.

Elise was being goofy as well! (And, yes, we are concurrently using Christmas and Thanksgiving plates here! ha!)

Ready for school! These are still some of my favorite outfits...even though the kids have been wearing them for years. Consignment show steals and we have definitely gotten our money worth! Love the colors!

I was party chairman for Lila and Bennett's class, and so I headed to their classroom first. I got the table, balloons, and party favors (adorable tote bags from dollar tree filled with summer fun!) all set.

I also ordered these adorable schoolhouse cookies from a stay at home mom/artist that bakes. They were cute and delicious!

Once their party was underway I snuck over to Elise's classroom to see what was going on over there....

She has been feeling a little sad this week to leave her school of 5 years, and so I wanted to make sure she was having fun and enjoying the party....which she was!

Her sweet teachers with the only 4 girls in the class!

One last hug for Bananas!

Luckily, I am friends with the sweet Mom who was in charge of Elise's party, so we had discussed the tote bags and schoolhouse cookies. She suggested the bags to me, and I the cookies to her, and so we were both able to utilize each other's ideas. And, lucky for me, all three kids came home with similar treats!

After school I took the kids to our favorite yogurt place to kick off summer! Yum!

I am sure most people feel this way about their children's pre-schools, but I can honestly say that in my mind their school is the best! It is such an incredibly loving environment, and our kids have loved every single minute there. Elise is, without a doubt, more than prepared for kindergarten next year and I credit most of that to her wonderful teachers.

It was hard to hold back the tears today...but, on the other hand I know we have exciting new adventures ahead. And Lila and Bennett get to go back to the same wonderful place next year!

Now....(ready or not!) let the summer begin!!


Elise's final preschool program

I definitely was feeling a variety of emotions yesterday as I watched Elise head towards the stage for her final preschool program. So thankful for the years she has had at her school, excited about the future, in disbelief that she looks so grown up, and grateful for all of the wonderful teachers that have touched her life.

Don't get me wrong, I think she looks precious, but I had a little something else in mind for her Spring program. These days she is very opinionated about her clothing choices and really did not want to wear a "church" dress. I decided it wasn't worth a fight and so we settled on her cute little navy dress.

As we knew to expect, she took the performance very seriously...facial expressions and all. As shy as she can be, she loves to perform!

She also loves her sweets! She raced to the table at the cookie reception!

Here is her sweet little buddy, Reese.

Kindergarten here we come!!!! This whole cute crew will be together next year!

E with one of her "besties", Reese. Love this precious girl (and her sweet family!)! A huge blessing for me this year has been getting to know them, as Reese has 3 older siblings, and her awesome Mom, Stacy, is great at showing me the ropes! They are also our neighbors and so we help each other out with carpool and babysitting...

Reese and William goofing off! Such sweet boys!

And Elise's wonderful teacher, Mrs. Cantrelle. E adores her. Completely.

The kids were so blessed because both my parents and David's parents made it to both programs! I hate that we did not think to get pictures. During chaotic times like cookie receptions my brain does not tend to function correctly! Major bummer.

Although we are sad that this little chapter of E's life is closing, we are so excited about her future and new adventures to come....and, as always, so proud of our precious little first born.


Lila and Bennett's Spring Program

We had a great time on Thursday watching Lila and Bennett perform with their class. They were both very, very into the performance, and you could hear Lila singing above everyone else! We even let Elise skip school for a little while so that she could watch her brother and sister. (You can see her sitting on the ground on the bottom left)

Afterwards there is a cookie reception, which is most kids' highlight of the day! An all you can eat cookie buffet- what more can you ask for?

They absolutely adore their teachers, as do I. And they are very, very sad that school is about to end.

We are so thankful to have had them at such a loving, wonderful place!


sillyness and birthdays

We are counting down the days until summer, and starting to switch into summer gear already. We have already started spending some time at the pool, which is where we will live this summer, and the girls have started getting into dress up again.

But, now they like digging in my closet for shoes and accessories...

Also, we have been baking up a storm! Since all three of the kids have summer birthdays we have been busy baking cupcakes for both classes this week for early birthday celebrations. Elise hates that her birthday isn't during the school year, and so the teachers allow the summer birthday kids to have a day near the end of the year where their big day is celebrated. This includes important things like wearing a crown at school, and getting to pick out of the coveted birthday box! This year, since basically the whole class is summer birthdays who have spent an extra year in preschool, they have been celebrating a birthday every day this week! Sugar overload! And, of course, since L and B knew that Elise was doing this, we had to bake for their class and their "pretend" birthday too.

Elise is so over pink right now, and very into turquoise, so we made some little flags out of ribbon to decorate the tops of her cupcakes.

They definitely look very homemade, but that is the point, right? And we had fun making them together.

We did flags for Lila and Bennett's cupcakes too, with red and pink polka dot ribbon..but I forgot to take a pic.

So, it has been a jam packed week around here as school winds down. School program posts soon to come!



We had such a nice weekend and David and the kids definitely made me feel extra special. The kids brought me my favorite Starbucks in bed Sunday morning...such a nice way to wake up. David had taken the kids to the trailhead market (where people sell their handmade food and crafts on Saturday mornings) a few Saturdays ago, given each of the kids a little money, and let them pick whatever they wanted for me. They were sooo proud of their choices, and it made me happy to see how much fun they had had shopping for me!

Lila chose the gold hammered earrings, Elise picked the pretty green beaded necklace, and Bennett's pick was the cross. So sweet! After church, I made sure to chose an outfit in which I could wear all three for Mother's Day- so they would all feel special. All three kids also made precious cards at school, which I will treasure always. And Elise made a neat little stepping stone for our yard with her handprint on it.

In addition, David tucked a bottle of my favorite perfume (which is discontinued and I thought no longer available) into the bag! (I think he had a little help from my awesome sis, to whom I am very grateful!)

My Mom decided to join us for church, which was such a nice treat!

Afterwards, David picked up 3 different salads from my favorite lunch place and served lunch to me, my parents, erinn and jared, and my grandparents. His parents were out of town for a wedding and couldn't come. Then we had some yummy cake that the kids had decorated just for us! We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with family...even my Aunt and Uncle ended up coming by. Then, when everyone had left we made a late afternoon trip to the pool, which was jammed packed with people with the same idea, to finish off the weekend!

So grateful for so much, yesterday and every day....


operation rescue racoon

It has felt a little like an episode of WonderPets or Diego around here this morning. Our peaceful morning enjoying the weather definitely got a lot more exciting!

I was slightly concerned this morning when I saw a mommy racoon carrying one of her babies through the bushes in front of our house. But only because it was already pretty bright outside and I wasn't sure what she was doing out. I thought about it for a few minutes and then put it out of my mind. That is until Elise came running up to me as I was swinging in the hammock with Bennett and said that there was a baby racoon by our back steps and he was still alive...

A very tiny little baby.

Of course, immediately, all three kids became obsessed. "Can we keep it?" "Where is his Mommy?" "What is going to happen?".....you can only imagine. David was playing golf, but I immediately called him because he has a college friend that actually lives in the area and is an emergency vet. So, I had him (feel bad, as he was trying to finish up a round of golf with an old friend of mine from high school and a newer friend for him!) working on it and I also started to call whoever I could think of or find on google. Meanwhile I was internally panicking that the kids were going to watch the racoon die....but, could NOT get them to come inside or stop looking at him through the window.

Apparently, Saturday is not a good time to find a needy animal, as I could get in touch with NO ONE, except some rescue group in Texas. Just when we weren't sure what to do, other than leave it alone just in case the Mom came back, David's friend called and said that someone at his clinic knows of a lady that rehabs raccoons and so if we brought it to the emergency clinic they would get it to her.

So, in the box he went! David had rushed home from golf to help, and I even heard Bennett say, "I'm an animal rescuer just like Diego!" as they all piled into the car to bring the raccoon in.

We hope that they little guy makes it, and are so thankful to our sweet friend who was willing to help!


For a limited time you can view the portraits we recently had taken of the kids...I have admired this photographer's work for quite some time and was thrilled we finally were able to have her photograph our kids. I love photography, love using different people to get different points of view, and have cherished all of the photographs we have ever had taken of the kids.

Though these just might be my favorite yet...


password: parnell

Mother's Day weekend is off to a great start! The kids all slept until 7, and have been playing in the backyard all morning in the beautiful weather we are having....
Love it...


his very own bed

Boss got an early 1st birthday present because I spotted this adorable bed at TJ Maxx the other day. He is soooo happy...

Thought it might give him his own special place to nap...after 8 months with us, I guess the least we can do is get him his very own bed...

We love you Bossman!