spring break

We have had lots of fun this week while the kids have been on spring break. We've spent lots of time at the pool swimming, played at the park, visited Grandparents, had some pictures taken (can't wait to see!), and just had a really full week.
We topped it off with a great day yesterday. Elise started asking for a short hair cut a few weeks ago, and I told her she needed to think about it....Didn't want to be over dramatic- after all it is just hair, but wanted her to realize it would take a while for it to grow back to the length it was. Also, to be completely honest, we had a photo session booked and I really wanted it long for the pictures. We haven't done professional pics in a while, and definitely wanted to get some in before she starts losing teeth!
So, after their pictures on Wednesday, she probably asked me another 47 times when she could get it cut. Yesterday morning we headed to get it done...

I tried to get an appointment with the girl who does my hair, but she was booked, so I took her to the little place I take Bennett. You should have seen the hairdressers face when Elise said she wanted it to her shoulders. She did not want to cut it!

I hoped she would be able to donate it, but it was not long enough for that..we were cutting about 6 inches and you have to cut 10. But, maybe that is something she can do in the future...

Ta-dah!! She LOVES it. Keeps tucking it behind her ears and flipping it around. She also wanted pig-tails this morning and they looked really cute!
I love it too! She does look very grown up to me...but I guess that is reality...it is happening....:)

After the haircut we headed to the trail head to meet up with the Bristers, Richardsons, and Barrois. We packed lunches and planned to stay a few hours and enjoy the absolutely gorgeous weather- almost no humidity, which is unheard of down here!
Well, after the Bristers and Richardsons had to head home for nap time...the Barrois kids and our kids just kept on playing....and playing....and playing....

They were having so much fun I didn't really see a reason to leave....David is working at the Zurich Classic this week, and naps are a thing of the past for a while for this group, so no need to rush home. We had food and drinks, and, like I said, the weather was gorgeous.

Mid-afternoon we walked across the street and treated them to sno-balls.

They had SO MUCH FUN.

We even topped it off with a semi-slumber party over here last night! Ella actually spent the night, and I put Camille and Bennett on sleeping bags in Lila's room to go to bed. Kimberly and Will picked up Camille after going to dinner, because, she, like Lila, does not have the best record at sleeping all night. (Needless to say Lila was not too happy when she realized Camille was gone in the middle of the night! HA!)

But, it was a great day for the kids, and for me...I love spending time outside soaking up vitamin D...especially when the kids are having a blast too!

It kind of started to get me excited for summer....which is a good thing, because it is right around the corner!



After an incredible Easter service- both because of the amazing sermon, and the fact that we had to sit in the front row and our children were especially well-behaved- we stopped at the park next to our church to snap a few pics.

This is my favorite of the day....

I love their little outfits, although car seat straps are pretty rough on linen...can't tell that these were perfectly pressed before!

Love this!

Never love pictures of myself, but love them, and thankful to have this.

She loves to pose....

My Mom snapped a rare pic of us! (Two pictures in two months...think it is a record!)

I think Elise looks a lot like my Dad in this picture....

And with beautiful Aunt Erinn....

We had a great day at our house...and with the exception of what is now becoming our annual Easter HUGE snake sighting- everything was great! My Mom cooked most of the food, which means it was awesome, and Elise had fun helping me set the tables.

How lucky am I (and our kids) to have had both Grandpa's with us on such a special day?

Sadly, Mimi wasn't feeling well and had to stay home to rest..praying she'll feel better soon.

David and I topped off the day with a late afternoon trip to the pool with the kids....

Thankful for all that Easter means and for the time together as a family.


Easter Morning

It was an awesome whirlwind week last week filled with, most importantly, a visit from Aunt Mo (and later Uncle Phillip)! In addition, the kids had Easter parties at school, visits with Grandparents, a crawfish boil with the Sievert side of the family, and lots and lots of fun.

Monique arrived Monday night and spent lots of time with me and the kids while she was here. We were so happy!! Tuesday, while the kids were at school, we went to lunch with my Mom, Mimi and Grandpa. Wednesday night me, my Mom, and Mo were able to sneak off for a HUGE treat- pedicures!!!

All of the time in between was spent coloring, swinging, and just playing...all while Mo found time to work as well. Boss was also really excited to spend time with his cousin Buddy, although I am not sure the feeling was reciprocated!

Thursday Mo graciously accompanied me to the kids' school for the Easter celebrations. I was in charge of Elise's class party, and so she helped me get there and set up. Then she headed to Lila and Bennett's class to surprise them. They were so proud to have their pretty Aunt at school with them!

Thursday night Phillip flew in, and we all headed over to Destrehan Friday for a crawfish boil at my Aunt and Uncle's beautiful house. In our haste to get there in time (we were picking up Mimi and Grandpa- and better not be late!) I completely forgot my camera!! UGH!! The kids had a blast playing in the little pool my Aunt had set up, and were spoiled by my cousin Jeff's wife, Ashley, who set up an egg hunt just for them! Lila has been talking about Ashley ever since, and really wants to SKYPE with her. Crazy that our 3 (almost 4) year old is asking to skype people! HA!

The kids were thrilled to see Uncle Phillip and had lots and lots of fun playing with him!

Saturday morning David took the kids to get donuts while my parents, Mo, and Phillip headed to NOLA to greet Jared and Erinn at the completion of the Crescent City Classic. I needed to be home to get ready for Easter at our house this year- as my parents house is not exactly in shape for a holiday get together (although it is going to be gorgeous when it is done!!). In the afternoon Mo and Phillip took Elise on a special little outing (she had been begging for alone time), and then Phillip met up with the other guys (including Bennett) for some afternoon golf.

The whole family ended up back at our house for dinner. It was Mo and Phillip's last night, as they had to head back early this morning, and so we tucked in three little sad faces last night. They love them so much!

Golf ended late, which meant a late dinner, which meant some extremely tired kids...so tired, in fact, that we actually had to have Lila wake up Elise and Bennett this morning at 7:15 in order to have an Easter hunt and make it to church on time!! UNHEARD of in our house!!!!!!!!!!!

That is why Elise and Bennett look so out of it in these pictures...they had just gotten up.

They quickly perked up as they searched the yard for Easter treats...the bunny stays pretty consistent when he visits our house- bathing suits all around, new summer sandals for the girls, and a new pair of crocs for Bennett. He was sooo happy! He had been squeezing his feet into his old ones for weeks, and when I would try to hide in my give away pile he would somehow find them and put them back on. Elise was also thrilled to get a belt. Strange, but this is something she has wanted for while. Guess the Easter Bunny was listening because he brought her a gold shiny one! All three kids also found new cups with their names and "faces" on them, which they love. Sippy cups are a thing of the past in this house!

After that, it was time to get ready for church, so that we could go and celebrate what Easter is really all about.....


2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt

As you can see, we had lots of fun! David was on camera/kid duty while I was on hostess duty- so we don't have a ton of pictures, but at least we have some. I wish we would have gotten a pic of the 6 hosts together, but it wasn't in the cards....

Here are some of the highlights (from my viewpoint):

  • getting to host with the Barrois and Bristers

  • stuffing over 600 eggs!

  • seeing the little ones faces as Davis started the hunt

  • Bennett telling Reece Richardson that she was "breaking the law" because she picked up an egg before the hunt officially started. She is 2 1/2. Also, he did this while wearing David's yard gloves and protective glasses. Who knows.

  • Reece R. telling me that Jacob is "sneaky". (Think she was referring to his egg hunting skills). Reece also cracked me up holding onto the same marshmellow pop for about an hour!

  • Jacob's face after biting into a delicious carrot cake cupcake.

  • Seeing Lila bypass all of the yummy food for a plate of bunny crackers and fritos. No surprise there.

  • Realizing how grown up Elise is getting as she "hung with her girls"!

  • Having amazing childhood and college friends like Annie, Casey, Suz, and Kate there with amazing new friends- and everyone having so much fun together!

  • Making marshmallow pops with Elise on Saturday- we've got them down pat now!

  • Lindsey's delicious carrot cupcakes.....yum....

  • Getting my baby fix with Baker, Patrick, Davis, JP, and Leighton.

  • Seeing Jack Ramsey drive off in his "F150"- you better not call it a car.

  • Annie Kate and Kole in their precious outfits- the Hudmans are always "best dressed".

  • Carly Kobrock raving about the food! :)

  • Suz telling Bennett she has super powers....and him believing her!

  • Kimberly and I promising Lila and Camille a sleepover if they both sleep through the night 5 consecutive nights. Think we are pretty safe with this one.

  • Chad L O V I N G the mini cookies and Marci's infectious laugh!

  • After playing really hard, Bennett finding me, asking me to make him a plate, and then sitting down by himself at the picnic table to enjoy his meal!


I'm sure I'll think of more....it was such a fun and memorable time!


2011 Easter Bunny Breakfast

We had a great time this morning at the Bunny Breakfast! It was lots of fun to see our friends the Bristers, the Groners, and the Mills all dressed up to take pictures with the Easter Bunny! Even Lila got in the mix, after a little mini breakdown. The balloon man was a big hit- Lila got a butterfly hat, Elise a dolphin hat, and Bennett (predictably) a red sword. It was a great time, and as usual, our kids pigged out on the delicious breakfast. It is the one meal where we definitely get our money's worth! What a great way to kick off our Easter celebrations.


no whining

Thinking this pillow may but a must need for our house. Although it is super fun and cute, it is a little steep for an accent pillow. So, I am feeling a DIY coming on with a blank pillow, stencil, and some fabric paint... Although I do take decorating seriously....and LOVE it....I don't take myself too seriously, and I definitely think a house with fun, quirky things like this is the place for me! I think it helps us all feel...well, right at home.

and so....

After seeing her big sister's curls, Lila wanted some too. Even with her t-shirt on backwards she looks ready for a pageant! Lila is in for it--a lifetime of trying to figure out what to do with her thick, unruly, half wavy-half straight hair. I should know, she got it from me!

big girl

Elise wanted curls today for school, so I put hot rollers in her hair for the first time. She loved it!! Oh...she is looking so grown up lately. I have hit a major sentimental patch, as I have been gathering the paperwork to register her for kindergarten next week. The realization that the amount of time I get with her is about to be seriously decreased is sinking in. As much as she loves to push my buttons, I am going to miss having her around every afternoon. On the other hand I am very excited for her about next year...I really think she is going to absolutely love being more challenged in school, and after the initial adjustment I think she is going to have a blast!! She loves to learn.... Everyone says it, but it is so true....feel like she was just a baby- and now look!