I promise I have not abandoned my online scrapbook....we have been without a computer, and so I am completely backed up on uploading pics and blogging! As soon as we have the computer back in our hands I will be playing catch up!
For now, I'll have to settle for catching up on others blogs at night when David brings home his work computer....

In addition, I am so thankful for the crazy hectic week we all enjoyed last week. It was superb.
I think my sister summed it up pretty well overe here.

I'll be back!!

Love, Nic



I, along with probably just about everyone, feel like this time of year just flies by. November is already half way over and I feel like it just started!
I just got back from a fabulous weekend in Atlanta visiting the Fields - a wonderful birthday gift from David! The trip almost didn't happen because Bennett woke up on Friday night with the stomach bug and I was scheduled to leave Saturday morning. I have a hard enough time leaving them, but leaving them sick......wasn't feeling good about it. But, luckily, by midnight he was fine and seemed totally back to normal Saturday morning..so, off I went! When I got to Atlanta Dianne mentioned that, by the way, her boys (adorable 13 month old fraternal twins) have RSV. She didn't tell me ahead of time because she was worried I would think she didn't need company (Umm- YEAH!) and would cancel. Wyatt and Dyer are so freaking cute, and even with RSV are the sweetest babies ever! What little cuties, who are totally laid back....have to give total credit to Russell and Dianne, who completely have the twin thing under control, while still maintaining their awesome fun, laid back personalities. I LOVED being there!! We had a blast! I even got to catch up with my Chi O big sis from Millsaps, as well as another sorority sister that is in Atlanta. So much fun! I am so thankful to Dianne (and Russell- our chef - haha) and to David for the trip!
The kids stayed well all weekend while I was gone, and had a great time spending lots of time with their Dad. Poor Lila woke up early this a.m. with a tummy ache, threw up after breakfast, and just wanted to be held all day. I am happy I was back to be able to do that for her, and must admit that, although I hate that she is sick, when she fell asleep in my arms at 5:45 this evening I really enjoyed holding her..that hasn't happened in a LONG time.
The bathroom is progressing right along and they are finishing up the sheet rock this week. They plan to start tiling the shower tomorrow and I can't wait! It looks like the walls may be ready for me to paint them this weekend! Exciting!
In other news, our computer crashed and we are really hoping it is not a major issue...we've only had it a year and half and it has had a rough life (remember L and B ripping all of the keys off??)..David brought his work laptop home tonight so I could catch up on some blogs and do a little blogging myself, while our own laptop is in the "shop".
Better get back to my birthday thank you notes....if you are waiting on one, I didn't forget...November is just flying by...



I had such a special 34th birthday this week! David and the kids, as well as friends and family, made me feel very loved. I am so very thankful!



We finished off our Halloween celebration by heading to the Brister's Sunday night for some good food and trick or treating! The Dads took the kids trick or treating, and the ladies hung back with the babies (I just got to hold everyone elses!).
It was a nice, low-key way to finish off the weekend! Suz and Davis did a great job decorating their house and Suz had such a spread of food!
After that we headed home to watch the Saints win, and to start the candy detox program!!
Happy Halloween!


We had a great time with the Bristers and the Barrois at the Boo at the Zoo Saturday night! So much so that all three kids crashed on the car ride home! I don't think Bennett skipped one game, and the girls loved getting their hair painted! All of the kids had fun dancing to the band as well!
It was a super fun night for the whole family!

break from the madness

We took a slight break from the Halloween madness Saturday morning. After Elise's awesome soccer game, in which she scored twice and had the time of her life, we went to my parent's house to celebrate Grandpa Ray's 84th birthday!

The kids loved helping to blow out the candles, and loved the cake!

He is such a special part of our lives, and such a big part of the kids lives....we loved being there to celebrate with him. Not a day passes where I don't realize how lucky I am to have three living grandparents! What a blessing!