Bennett's boys' night

 Bennett's dream birthday party was at Chuck E Cheese with all of his friends, and so since the girls had the big Chicago trip coming up we decided to make his dream come true. :)

We still went with a Star Wars theme, since that is his obsession of the moment.

The boys had a BLAST playing games before it was time for pizza and cake.

Bennett was a little apprehensive, but ended up going into the ticket blaster, and getting the 1000 ticket coupon. Woooohooooo!!

Our little guy had a great night and we loved watching him have fun with all of his sweet friends. 
Feeling blessed.


Lila's girls' night

Took Lila and some of her besties to eat pizza Wednesday night as a little pre-birthday celebration.
They had a great time coloring, dancing, eating, and hanging out.
So thankful that everyone could be there to celebrate with her!


Last day Luau

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves. Lila and Bennett had a fabulous time on their last day of preschool. Many mixed feelings as they leave St. Timothy's, but they are also very excited about the new adventure that lies ahead!