girls and boys

David works at the Zurich classic every year and was able to have some friends come along for a little while on Friday. Bennett's friend Stevie, and his Dad, Steve, headed over after school to meet David.
Meanwhile, the girls and I had a nice dinner date at McAlister's, followed by a trip to our favorite sno-ball stand, Just Chillin.

Sounds like the boys had SUCH a fun day. Very grateful that Bennett has made some super sweet new friends in his class this year, most of whom we also go to church with.
And also was thankful for some time with my girls!



...they are very sweet.

We went to pick up shot records so that I could register them for kindergarten next week. They are so excited to go on the bus with their big sis and can't wait to start big school!


1st grade Aquarium field trip

I was able to go with Elise on a field trip to the Aquarium in New Orleans. Since she loves animals so much she really enjoyed it- especially the penguins and the otters. We were grouped with Mrs. Denise and the other kids in her class and they had a lot of fun together. Grateful that she likes me to come along, and thankful that I am able to do so.


Soccer season comes to a close

Lila and Bennett both had a ton of fun with their soccer teams this year! And, of course, they really love their coach!!