Monster Jam 2012

Growing up in a town of 100K lends itself to only the smallest of traveling shows. I can remember going to MidSouth Wrestling, the Harlem Globetrotters, and the occasional circus, but Lake Charles never got the big events like concerts, broadway things, or NFL/NBA. We also never had, to my recollection, MONSTER JAM!
Bennett and I loaded up and got to the Superdome at 3....the show started at 7. I was slightly worried since his bedtime usually is 730, but he was alive and alert all night.

We started off with Pit Passes which allowed us to walk around the Dome floorand touch the trucks, meet the drivers, and drive remote control trucks. There was also a display of Traxxas cars, which are high-end remote control cars. I caught a cool picture of one of the trucks flying through the air. They go 75 mph, and the truck in the picture was $850. Hopefully Santa saw those!

Going into Monster Jam 2012, Bennett loved Gravedigger, the black/green/purple truck behind him in this picture. What is neat is that Gravedigger is celebrating his 30th anniversary, and I can remember him when i was a kid as well as BigFoot.

When it was time for the show to start, i quickly realized that spending very little on the tickets really puts you up in the rafters of the Dome. Our first seats were so high that there was a windchill from the a/c, so we had to move because he was freezing. Plus, it was pretty hard to make out exactly what we were seeing.

Once we moved, i realized we were in higher-end seats when I saw this dude leaving from the row behind me. Surely he was going to check to make sure his driver had the limo running in case there was an emergency in his Tokyo office.

(No lie, the attire at Monster Jam was pretty varied....sitting next to the pimp was a woman in shorts and thong sandals WITH socks.....you don't get that brave with your attire unless you are very used to wearing that).

Before the racing and freestyle started there was a crash-derby race WITH trailers...apparently the only rule was you had to pull something. Some people had mini-FEMA trailers, some people had boat/seado, and one guy nailed an entire living room set with lamps and a tv to his flatbed trailer. Not much lasted.

After a while, and after each one kept wrecking and essentially jumping until the truck broke (see Gravedigger's wheel), Bennett fell in love with Maximum Destruction, the 13 time champion and apparently the best truck around. I was pretty amazed at how high the truck was jumping (maybe 30-40 feet high).

Bennett had a great time and was a trooper all the way to the car. We got out of the Dome around 10:15, and he was out before we hit the Causeway. Asleep with his new Maximum Destruction truck!

Love that kid.

girls night

It has been back to the whirlwind here after returning from my peaceful second trip to Nashville. I am sooo grateful for the time I have had with Mac, Mae, Mo, and Phillip and to David for being so supportive of my two trips up there. And to my three little munchkins for being such troopers and so understanding- even though they are very jealous and DYING to meet their new cousins!!

David had exciting plans for he and Bennett Saturday night (something he has been wanting to do for a long time- post to come), and so I thought it would be the perfect time to spend some fun time with my girls!!
Although I do believe we are crazy for adding something else to the plate, Elise really missed soccer and begged to play again for spring. We do love the idea of a team sport for our little introvert, and so we agreed. So, we will now officially be maintaining a residence at the soccer field on Saturdays. :)
For the first part of our girls night we went on the hunt for new soccer cleats. Lila is using Elise's old ones (although this is about to end as they are only 1/2 size apart), and so it was time for a new pair for E. Coincidentally, Lila was in need for some new tennis shoes for school. So- one of my favorite things on Earth- shoe shopping!!! Too bad it would be really hard for me to make a case of needing any shoes for myself!

After we got all of that taken care of we headed to the nail salon! Aunt Mo and Uncle Phillip had given the girls gift certificates for Christmas and they have been waiting and waiting and waiting to use them! Sooo super excited!

And the salon did not disappoint!! The girls had a blast picking colors...Lila at first wanted black on her toes ( a little much for a 4 year old!), but I steered her in another direction and she ended up with pink with sparkles. Elise is all about pattern, and so she picked a two turquoise colors and had the girl paint every other toe with each. They both did this pretty silver on their nails.

They were spoiled with shirley temples and pink water with rose petals to soak their toes in! It was definitely a luxurious day! I think David is slightly concerned as they are already both taking about when they can go back!!

We topped off our fun night by being wild and eating frozen yogurt sundaes for dinner! The girls thought that was sooooo neat!

I loved spending some fun girly time with my two favorite little ladies!


we play

Although I have been absolutely horrible about posting, we have been doing lots of playing and having fun this month!

The girls love to have sleepovers, and Lila spent the night out for the first time with the Barrois while I was in Nashville. Elise also spent the night out that weekend, to celebrate her friend Landry's 6th birthday! All of the kids had friends over after church last Sunday, and had a great time! The days and weeks are just flying by...

I have recently tried to recommit myself to doing more fun activities with Lila and Bennett on their off days, as I just turned in their registration for school next year and reality is setting in. They are going to be 5 this summer. It kills me. They will be in school 5 days a week (pre-k5), and although only half days, I know I need to take advantage of the two full days I have with them right now and make the most of them. Before I know it they will be gone all day like Elise, and I really am sad with how little time I have with her these days (although she is loving school and doing great!).

We spent a good portion of the day at the park yesterday playing...and we all had a good time!
Lila was thrilled to see Mary Miller..it had been a while; and Bennett was a super sweet helper to Hayes as he showed him around the playground.

And pretended to be Superman climbing the rock wall!

SO, I need to try to forget about having a straight/clean house, and having to be 100 percent caught up on laundry and take my kids out to play! That is my New Year's Resolution....better late than never.


mac & mae

David and I were so excited to be awoken by a phone call at 3 a.m. last Wednesday night! One of the few exciting times in life when a phone call in the middle of the night means good news!! Right away I knew that meant that Monique must be en route to, or already at, the hospital ready to deliver her babies!
Sure enough that was the case! The little baby Mizes had decided to arrive when they were ready, instead of waiting the two more weeks until they were "scheduled" to arrive. Mo does a beautiful job of telling their birth story here.
In between waiting for text updates, David was already online looking for a ticket for me to fly up. He bought me one, and we started making plans asap to make sure our kids were all squared away. I am so very thankful that he was so supportive and didn't think twice about making the arrangements for me to go. Although I had to miss the birth, it meant so much to me to be able to be there as soon as I could to support my sister, and to meet my precious new niece and nephew!!

I was so grateful to Mo and Phillip for assigning me one of the limited passes they had to the NICU. This meant I got to spend lots of quality time with precious Mae. Mac hung with us in the room a lot and so I also got to love on him. He is so perfect!

I definitely underestimated how emotional it would be for me to meet them...for me it was the closest thing to when my own children were born. I immediately loved them and wanted to hug, love, kiss, and spend every second I could holding them!

I missed David and the kids a lot, but I also had a very hard time saying goodbye to these little ones.

I love seeing sweet Mac swaddled up in Bennett's blanket.

And Mae looks like a perfect little doll....and a lot like her Mom!

Now that I am home I am thinking of them constantly...wanting to check in often, but not wanting to drive them nuts! I know my parents are there helping and that all is under control, but I truly do miss them sooooo much!!!


A time to reflect while Nicole starts on a special journey

Guest post by David.....Today was a very special day for our extended family, but I am going to let Nicole tell the blog about what it is and how special special it really is. But, I wanted to make sure we remembered a few things about today because it says allot about the Legendre family. Nicole and I were up at 230-3 with her mom, texting and calling and texting, discussing and planning and hoping and praying. I spent a few hours this morning at the huge ochsner clinic in Covington and I got to see everyone from nurses to surgeons working with people and helping them heal and recover from whatever ails them. It made me sit and think about the doctors and nurses who were helping our family that morning, and how their professionalism and expertise is often set aside for gripes about health care costs and wait times. What wonders they do, and were doing for all of us at that very time a thousand miles away. After spending the day with their grandmother Susu, Nicole and I broke the news of her trip to the kids, which was met with tears and sadness but later understanding and happiness. We explained to them Mo's similar trip 6 1/2 years ago and how special that was for Nicole and me, as well as Monique, Susu, Emme and Erinn. And now, as I type this, Nicole is curled up on the couch of her 94 yr. old (i think) paternal grandfather Roland, one of my two grandfathers by marriage (none on my side). She is ending her day with the man who is partly (genetically) responsible for not only Lila and Bennett's special bond, but also the special bond that Nicole and Monique have as well as one very new one.
I am sure you know by now that Nicole is eagerly awaiting her 6 a.m. flight that will take her into another status level (aunt) that we have been longing and praying for via Monique and Phillip (no pressure on Jared and Erinn....yet). This whole day, from beginning to end, has been very atypical because of what has been going on. Even still, it has been a testament to the tradition and depth of the Legendre/Sievert family. No matter the pressure or calmness of the day, like I can with my parents I can always call on and count on the role models who allowed me to be a husband, brother, and now uncle. Two more children come into this world blessed with maternal great-grandparents, and I cannot wait to see the faces of all in the family - young and old - when we get a visit down south when the time is right.
Until then, and to make sure they always know, I just wanted to note how special I think this extended family is. Every family has flaws, just like every person, and while those of us linked by kinship rather than blood have our own great families, we all are very blessed to have come into this one.
Congrats to Mo and Phillip, and thanks to the great grandparents and Susu and G, as well as my parents and Erinn's family, for making this such a great welcoming group for our newest members.


Year End Interviews

Happy New Year!!!
Here are my unedited interviews to close out 2011...


age: 4
height: 42.5 inches
weight: 41.4
favorite color: blue
favorite food: macaroni & cheese
favorite drink: lemonade
favorite dessert: cake
favorite book: Pocohontas
favorite activity book: Rapunzel Tag Book
favorite show: Ni Hao Kai Lan
favorite movie: Tangled
favorite character: Pocohontas and Rapunzel
favorite friends: Camille, Elaine, Myrt, Mary Miller, Meredith, Meredith, Gretchen
favorite trip: Disneyworld
most exciting thing this year: to have a friend over
favorite animal: horse
favorite songs: When will my life begin? (from Tangled)
favorite game: Scene It
want to be when I grow up: cheerleader
favorite activity: painting
favorite toy: Rapunzel costume
place I want to visit: God (Heaven)
favorite place: Disneyworld
favorite outfit: Rapunzel nightgown
if I had one wish, it would be: seeing Pocohontas
best thing about being 4: seeing Rapunzel at Disneyworld


age: 6
height: 45.75 inches
weight: 40.6
favorite color: blue
favorite food: donuts
favorite drink: water
favorite dessert: donuts
favorite book: Junie B. Jones
favorite activity book: What about Me?
favorite show: Phineas & Ferb
favorite movie: Mr. Magoos' Christmas Carol
favorite character: Junie B. Jones
favorite friends: Reese, Ella, Ava, Carsten, Talia, Constance
favorite trip: Disneyworld
most exciting thing this year: meeting more family members
favorite animal: Boss
favorite songs: Jingle Bells
favorite game: hangman
want to be when I grow up: Vet
favorite activity: acro (tumbling)
favorite toy: kindle
place I want to visit: Paris
favorite place: home
favorite outfit: jean skirt, leggings, boots
if I had one wish, it would be: to stay with Mom and Dad forever
best thing about being 6: that i grew taller


age: 4
height: 44.5 inches
weight: 43 lbs
favorite color: red
favorite food: french fries and nuggets
favorite drink: red juice
favorite dessert: brownie
favorite book: Transformers
favorite activity book: Transformers
favorite show: Transformers
favorite movie: Cars 2
favorite character: Hawkeye
favorite friends: Kaenan, Hudson, Garrett, Colby
favorite trip: Disneyworld
most exciting thing this year: Santa just came
favorite animal: raccoon
favorite songs: Transformers theme song
favorite game: angry birds
want to be when I grow up: Army Man
favorite activity: soccer
favorite toy: transformer
place I want to visit: North Pole
favorite place: Disneyworld
favorite outfit: Transformer costume
if I had one wish, it would be: for Transformers to be real
best thing about being 4: playing