October - almost over?

Here are some pics to show what we have been up to this October:

Jared and Erinn babysit for the first time so that David and I and could see the Saints finally win a game this season! The kids loved having their Aunt and Uncle watch them! I LOVE any chance to go to a Saints game!! So much fun! (Especially when they win!)

The kids got their own library cards. Elise was especially excited about this!

Lila and Bennett sang with the choir at Wednesday night dinner.

Lila have a new buddy from school and church named Callahan. They love him. He came over to play at our house and they are taking turns going to his house! He is a sweet heart, and we have enjoyed getting to know his whole family.

My final Mom's Tea at Lila and Bennett's school. Bittersweet that it is our last year in their wonderful preschool. But, looking forward to having them all at the same school again for a couple of years. Notice that these are the two best pics I could get. Goofy kids!

I co-chaired Grandparents Week at Elise's school last week and it was a ton of fun. How blessed is she that both sets of Grandparents came to eat lunch with her and take her to the book fair??? Her library is definitely   growing. She loved showing Emmy, Pop, SuSu, and G her school and introducing them to her teachers for this year.

Friday night was Trunk or Treat at Elise's school. Our trunk was "Wild about Learning!"
These three sweet friends love each other...

Hoping to have more pictures to post soon. Also need to post pics from the Trunk or Treat at Lila and Bennett's school, which was Sunday! Lots of fall celebrations around here!!

The girls got to wear costumes to dance yesterday and performed Halloween themed dance routines for us! It was super cute and I look forward to this each year! 

Lots more to come in the next few days...


Nashville Fall Break

I have accepted the fact that I have become a horrible blogger, but I refuse to give up! Just getting harder and harder to fit it in, and a lot of times at night when I have time to work on it I am just too wiped. But I know I'll regret it if I don't keep it up and so even if I am late I am going to still post!!
A few weeks ago Elise had two Fridays in a row off of school and so we decided to use one of the long weekends for a quick trip to Nashville. I originally thought I could swing the drive by myself with the kids, but am so thankful that my Mom ended up coming with me. I probably would have had to stop 10 times each way without her help!
We had a great, low key time. The cousins loved spending time together. Lila got Bananas from school that weekend (it is a weekly "reward" when he chooses one student to spend the weekend with) and so you will notice him in a lot of the pictures!

One of the funniest moments of the weekend...when Mac was so tired he just started passing out while Lila was holding him. It was soooo hilarious!!!!!

We are already counting down the days until we get to see them again!


a little roller coaster ride

It has been an adventurous few weeks around here for us. More so than just the usual adventures! Thankfully, looking back I am able to realize just how blessed and lucky we are because they were only minor bumps in road compared to what many have to face. 
First, Lila got a horrible fever virus where her fever spiked up close to 104 several times for 4  full days. On the first day of her virus (honestly as her fever was spiking) I got a call that David was being taken to the ER for a heart issue. Thankfully he is ok, and his issue (SVT) is not life threatening.  His coworkers were very supportive, and after a couple of hours in the ER he was able to come home. Meanwhile, poor Lila's fever would not give up. She was so miserable she couldn't sleep. On the 4th day the fever returned with a pretty bad rash and so the Dr. decided it was time for blood work  Of course, about 5 hours after we had to put her through that (I really think she broke the sound barrier screaming, and definitely terrified her brother), the fever finally broke. Thank goodness!!!
A few days later Bennett started acted increasingly irritable, not wanting to eat, and very tired; and I just assumed he was probably coming down with the same virus (seriously the virus from Hell) that Lila had. But, last Monday night he mentioned that his side was hurting. Tuesday my Mom picked the twins up from school while I was at work and he again was acting very emotional, irritable, and complaining of his side. I had my Mom take his temp and it was 100.7. I decided to call the Dr. because I thought it was weird that he had such a specific complaint. They wanted him to come in and so I picked him up and took him to the Dr. After his exam, during which he was pretty specific about where he was hurting on his right side, the Dr. decided he needed an ultrasound of his abdomen because the area he was complaining about it where your appendix is located. The radiologist decided against the ultrasound and wanted to do a CT instead. I wasn't really sure what do to and so I agreed. Long story short the radiologist said he had a "fat" appendix- although it was not inflamed he told me it was larger than it should be. Then he called the Dr and spoke to her, and then she called me and said "looks like he has appendicitis". There is no pediatric surgeon where we live so I was told to drive (right then) to New Orleans to Oschner hospital to have a consult (in the ER) with the pediatric surgeon there. 

David was still in New Orleans for work and so he was able to meet us at the hospital (thankfully my parents watched the girls). The next few hours were some of the most confusing ever. Everything took so long, and so many different Drs. came in and out of our room. They all seemed to have a slightly different opinion, but thankfully they all seemed to be leaning towards the idea that his appendicitis was actually not really appendicitis at all. We, of course, were thrilled with the fact that our sweet boy most likely would not need surgery, when just a few hours ago I had driven across the Causeway trying to figure out the whole way there how to explain to him what was about to happen.
Because his white cell count was normal, and because he was asking for food (among a few other things), the pediatric surgeon felt pretty confident that we were out of the woods for an appendectomy. They decided to keep him overnight for observation, let him eat a little to see how he did with that, and to give him IV fluids.

Poor guy finally passed out around 10:30 and slept through all of the vital checks during the night. 

By the next morning he was feeling better and wanted to work on his Spiderman activity book.

A little while later he found out they had xbox in the playroom (which is AMAZING, by the way, and rumored to have been donated by my girl Britney), and decided he was up for a walk down the hall to check it out.

After a million more encounters with different pediatricians (the infrequent cough he had been fighting off for a week or so before this got much worse while we were in the ER, and so they were monitoring this as well); as well as another check from the pediatric surgeon, we were finally released to go home around 4 the next afternoon. I am still a little confused as to why he was having pain in that area, and why the appendix is large (one Dr said he may have been born this way, one said it may just be swollen)-- and so I am hoping to get a chance to talk to and review things with his pediatrician this week. 

At the risk of seeming a little dramatic, I definitely felt it was important to document Bennett's first (and hopefully last) hospital stay. It was scary for all of us, but he was such a brave little guy. I was once again (as I was with Elise's hospital adventure) overwhelmed with compassion for those kids (and their parents) fighting much bigger battles where the hospital and being poked and prodded is their norm. That has been heavy on my heart and mind since last week- and I have been feeling very, very grateful.

On a lighter note here are some other happenings in the Parnell house:
- Elise has now lost two teeth, and has a big 'ole space at the bottom. Her permanent teeth are just starting to cut through.
-Lila's permanent teeth are almost completely in!
-Lila and Bennett are playing soccer and love it.
-The girls are back in dance and acro and really enjoying it.
-All three kids are singing in the children's choir at the twins' school, where we have also been trying out church for a little change.
-David is backing off of golf a little and playing more tennis.
-Bennett is also playing some tennis.
-I am working at Erinn and Jared's store once a week, sometimes more, and doing my first Beth Moore Bible study, which I am really enjoying.
-The only night we have no after school activities is Tuesday. I love Tuesday. :)
-Bennett's reading is really taking off.
-Lila loves to color and can now actually occupy herself for extended periods doing so.
-Elise has started a new enrichment program at school and she absolutely loves it. Her first "research project" is about animals of Australia. She chose the Numbat, and can tell you anything you need to know about it.:)
-I spend a lot of my "free" time at Elise's school. I love it.
-Bennett is really into the Wii. 
-David is really into the Wii.
-We are super busy and super blessed.

And, I just thought I'd add that the crock pot is probably the single most wonderful thing ever invented.