bad math

two 2 1/2 yr olds

+ laptop

+ busy mom brushing 4 yr olds' hair

= destruction at the parnell house (and unhappy parents)

Need I say more?



David's parents came in for Elise's soccer game Saturday morning and it was such a beautiful day that they decided to go to the zoo! After a full week with no school I had plenty to keep me busy at home, not to mention the fact that I was dying to see my friend Annie's new baby, so I decided to hang back. David took some great pics for me and it looks like they all had a great time!

I love this "artsy" shot of the mossy oaks...

An unsure Lila on the merry-go-round...

I promise we don't favor Lila---she just likes to pose for pics!!


I think they loved the merry-go-round as much as seeing the animals...these kids will die at DisneyWorld!! (Elise's headband is cracking me up. When it slides down like that she looks a little 80's Olivia Newton John-ish)

This is my favorite pic!!

Bennett was so happy that he got to ride the alligator with Pop.

And the boy loves to rock...

Maybe we should find this animal a home at the zoo??

Silly girls making their best alligator faces...

This bird seems very interested in Bennett and Elise (and I love how E has her arm around her little bro.)

The pink "famingos" (as they are called around here) are very popular. I am not much of a pink girl, so of course, my girls LOVE pink!!

They had a great day together and were definitely wiped out. I can't wait to go back soon with them!!
Hope everyone's week started off well.
Love, Nicole


little show

Yesterday was Mardi Gras day, and lucky for us, David's office was closed. He debated going in, but ultimately decided not much would get accomplished because no one else in the city would be working! It is rare to have a full day all together with nothing on the books! Although we had a great time at the parades, we decided we had done enough. To be honest, we were both pretty wiped out from the hard work- but definitely worth it to see Mardi Gras through the eyes of 2 and 4 year olds!

Pretty cold out, so we needed to come up with a fun indoor project...

I remembered something I had seen on designing moms, and ran quickly to the dollar store and michaels for supplies...

We would be making wooden spoon puppets!!

The girls LOVED doing this....Bennett- well, he lasted about 34 seconds before he started pouring paint on the counter and was excused! David even painted himself (can you guess which one) and took fashion direction from Elise. It was fun to watch him do an art project with the kids, but where he really shone was the actual show....:)

My parents invited us over for a Mardi Gras Muffaletta dinner and so we took our little show on the road...

It was a fun day! Elise is already asking this morning, what are doing fun today??? So, I guess I need to think of a way to top spoon puppets.....hmmm.....better get to work!
Happy Wednesday!
Love, Nicole


happy mardi gras

It was a beautiful day in New Orleans yesterday and we were thrilled to go to the Otis' annual Mardi Gras party and watch the Thoth parade..we got to see tons of friends, and meet lots of new little ones!

Lissa manning the ladder with the girls...

Tricia and sweet Eliza....

You can't get more "Lila" than the above picture!

My main little man....

After Elise's usual 30 minute warm-up, she and Quinn had a great time playing together..

Lissa and Ruggles goofing around...so much has changed, now the Otis' entire front yard is filled with strollers!!!!!!!!

Beautiful Quinn.....
It was such a nice day...as expected, David and I spent more time chasing the kids than visiting with friends, but at least we were able to be around everyone, see all of the new babies and hang out with some of our favorite peeps like the Adams, Boerners, Otis' and others! David and I were feeling extra brave, because after stopping in Metairie for an early dinner, the kids noticed that a parade was coming...so, we decided to let them see one more parade before Mardi Gras came to end (for them) this year....the Metairie parade was great, it was not crowded, and all three kids agreed to stay in the ladder, so it was relatively easy. They had so much fun!!!!!!!!
Within 5 minutes of being on the causeway Lila and Bennett were out! Poor things slept in their clothes, because there was no waking them up.....
We are so grateful for the beautiful weather and fun times with friends! (And to everyone there that helped us chase our kiddos!!)
Happy Mardi Gras!!!


snow day

Yes!!! We had an actual snow day in south L.A. today! The funny part of that was, that this morning there was no snow in sight....then, all of the sudden, right as we had started our Valentine's project, the flakes began to fall....

We watched the snow fall for a little while, and then began our cookie making! I took the easy way out by using pre-made sugar cookie dough, which we tinted pink and took turns rolling out. The kids each had a heart shaped cookie cutter and cut out their cookies...
After baking (the good thing about sugar cookies- they cook and cool quickly- perfect for the lack of patience that 2 and 4 year olds have), I put on the icing and then the kids had the below fun items to decorate with:

Elise and Lila were so excited about decorating...Bennett, being the typical boy, was more interested in throwing sprinkles and making as big of a mess as he could....

And.....ta-dah! Our Valentine's hearts for David!

After we finished our project, I bundled the kids up to let them go out and feel the snow...Unfortunately it isn't cold enough for it to really stick, but at least they could watch the flakes fall down. Elise was intent on catching one on her tongue...

I think the fact the it rarely snows here is completely lost on Elise...it has snowed the past two years and she remembers! So, I think she thinks I am a total nut telling her it may be a long time before we see this again!
Hope you all are having great Fridays today!!
Love, Nicole


the saints go marching

We had a BLAST last night at the Saints Superbowl parade!!!!!!!!!! We are so lucky that my parents have a place very close to the parade route, and that they were willing to help with the kids! Bonnie Kate and her kids joined us, and Boyd actually surprised us all by making it right before the parade started!
I think this may be the most pictures I have ever posted, but we just had a great time, and I was having fun playing with the camera!!

(Bennett is obsessed with Will. He is his idol!)

David said he felt like he was feeding a flock of pigeons...

The most popular guy in New Orleans...

Coach Payton and the trophy!!

And some video David took of my boyfriend, Drew, showing how he can not only throw a football, but that he has some serious rhythm!!!!!!
GO SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!