Happy Easter

We had a very blessed day at SuSu and G's hanging out with all of the cousins.


Grandpa Ray's Crawfish Boil

Lots of fun with family, lots of memories of Grandpa.
It was a nice day.


sweet friends/tattoo artists

Reese E was over the other day and the girls were very quiet in Elise's room.
They came down a bit later super proud of their artwork...
I started to fuss, until I looked more closely at how they had decorated each other.

I love their sweet friendship and I love them.


Spring Fun

Some of my favorite pics from the last week:

Elise and Natalie at a classmate's birthday party.

My favorite spot in the backyard, especially when all of the azaleas are blooming.

Boss was worn out and found a sunny spot.
Love his hair nice and shaggy like that!

The above photo was the inspiration for Elise's room "tweak".

And this is what we surprised her with after report card day.

A fun night with a table full of our favorites!!!!

And a matinee with some of our super sweet new friends.



Strawberry Picking

The kids were off of school today and so we went strawberry picking with lots of our St. Timothy friends. The Arches, the Richardsons, and the Schroeders. And then we bumped into more friends there. It was a gorgeous day, and a perfect way to kick off Spring Break 2013!


Spring Fling 2013

Elise's school Spring Fling was the day after Field Day and so the fun continued!!
David, Lila, and Bennett were at the soccer field, so she and I hit the fair solo. She then caught up with some of her besties while I did some face painting. I think it's safe to say she had a blast.
I love our photo booth pics and am so glad they added that this year.
The day was a huge success- lots of fun for all and lots of money raised for the school.
A great way to spend a Saturday.


Last Preschool Field Day

As you can see, Lila and Bennett had a great time at their field day. They were super excited that David was able to be there as well, and we took turns partnering up.

Afterwards, David headed back to work and Lila, Bennett, and I headed to lunch with friends at our favorite Mexican spot.

I have many great memories of these Field Days and can't believe it was our last one.