swim meet fun

6 and unders lining up.

Elise ready to go.

Neck and neck...

Her first relay team!

Lots of fun with friends!

Waiting out the rain...

Our little shark!

The kids are having a great time with swim team and improving every week. A few weeks ago we went to the big divisional meet. Lila decided she didn't want to swim because it wasn't at our pool, but Elise and Bennett both did and did great! The boys meet was rain delayed for a day, but as you see above while we were waiting it out Bennett and his buddy Hale played monopoly in my car-- making the most of the rain delay!
Last week the girls did a dance camp at my former high school and Bennett did tennis at our neighborhood club. We are having a great summer, although it continues to fly by...can't believe it is already half way over for Elise!


sneak peek at the dance recital

We had an amazing and extremely busy week last with vacation Bible school and Divisional swim meets and so I am just now playing catch up. It has been a fun and jam packed summer so far!
The girls had their dance recital last weekend and had an absolute blast!!! I am going to give a little sneak peek here, and then will come back to the recital with a later post. I was so mad at myself because in the midst of packing up the girls 6 costumes, shoes, etc., I packed my camera with NO memory card! UGH! Luckily Kimberly took tons of pictures backstage for me, and so she is going to send them all to me. Thank goodness for great friends!!
The dress rehearsal was Friday night, and although it is a night the Moms honestly kind of dread, we actually had a lot of fun. Ella calls it our "girl" time, and it is the fourth year in a row we have ridden together to the rehearsal at the theatre, which is about a half hour away. With different schools and busy schedules it was super fun to have some time with some of our favorite people!
The girls both continue to take ballet and tap, and this year they both added acro (tumbling) to their schedule as well. We agreed to let them do it because they could both be in the same class together- and several of their friends were adding the class as well.
Here are a few pics that I snapped with my phone from the big weekend:

Here are our two little monkeys! Seriously, how fitting??

Lila, Reese, Elise, Ella, and Camille taking a break during rehearsal.

Lila, Brianna, Camille, Elise, and Ella having fun in the dressing room.

Our sweet girls, post performance.


And in their delirious-is-an-understatement moods at their post performance celebratory dinner at Steak-n-Shake!

We are so proud of our sweet girls, but more importantly loved watching them LOVE every minute of their performances! They also had a blast with all of their friends....it was an exhausting and super fun weekend!


swimming for the sharks

After we recovered from the birthday party, we switched right back into swim and dance mode. I thought I did a good job of not overscheduling us this summer, but each week seems to be busier than the one before! Monday we had swim and dance practice, Tuesday I worked at Erinn's store, Wednesday we headed to Baton Rouge for the day to visit my sweet friend Theresa- I HATE that I didn't get any decent pics of the kids- was sooo good to see her and John Emerson. And then Thursday it was time for our first official swim meet of the season! Of course, right at 2:30, when the meet was supposed to start the sky fell out!

Here are our two goofballs waiting out the rain.....
But, although the rain delayed the meet about an hour, the silver lining was that it was not miserably hot at the pool!
Lila was up first and she swam Freestyle and did a great job. She had a little malfunction with her goggles, which distracted her, so hopefully next time we can get that fixed.
Bennett also did free and did great! It was his first time to do a meet without a coach in the lane with him for support. He was so proud of himself and so were we!
Elise was so thrilled that she got to swim in three events- free, breast, and fly. She has been working hard on her strokes and she was one of the only 6 and under girls to swim a legal breast and butterfly. We were competing against a really big team, with swimmers that swim year round, and she placed 2nd overall in both events and earned 8 points for the sharks! She was sooooooo excited!
It was a fun night for all of us!

parnell circus- act III- photo booth

My "plan" was to have every single person at least take one photo in the photo booth....but I should know by now that plans are just that...plans....Anyway, at least those who did jump in the booth had tons of fun! Love these pics!


parnell circus- act II- magic, balloons, and cake

As our time with the animals started to come to a close the kids were also getting pretty hungry. David and the Grandpas manned the grill and we had plenty of hot dogs and hamburgers ready to go!

The kids had a picnic dinner and got ready for the short magic show...

Bennett got to be the first volunteer. He had a BLAST, and the videos from this are priceless! He turned one  sponge ball into two, and then three...

The kids were quiet and focused!

Then it was Elise and Lila's turn to team up for a trick!

Pretty Aunt Erinn watched from the side...

Then it was time for cake.

And more cake.

And more cake!

While the kids were finishing dessert the magician/balloon man finished making everyone their dream creations... 

The babies were still hanging tough!