Coyote watch

Boss is not a happy camper. We have seen a few coyotes in our yard, and so he is on lockdown and can no longer go back there and explore. I think this is what a depressed maltipoo looks like. 


Elise's First Piano Recital

Elise started taking piano lessons in January, after asking to do so for a while. Tonight was her very first recital and she played "It's a Small World". She was a little nervous, but did a wonderful job.

We are happy that she enjoys her piano lessons so much.


And they are off...

This morning all three got on the bus, excited as could be.
It was so weird. I totally thought I was fine. And then, I walked back into the empty house and completely lost it.

It feels a little strange. 
They have been my full-time job for 8 years.
Now they will be out of my hands for 8 hours a day. My babies. They aren't babies anymore.

I definitely wouldn't trade that time for anything in the world, but when it suddenly (I guess not really "suddenly" although it does feel that way) comes to an end it is an interesting feeling.
I got a text from Stacy, who went through this when Reese started K three years ago. She was checking on me, and when I said I was crying she responded  "#identitycrisis?"- and that kind of summed it up.

As they start this new chapter I will take this year to figure out my new role in our family. Going to try some new things, spend even more time volunteering at school, commit to a serious Bible study, be in their classroom once a week like I was for Elise, and try to figure out how I can best contribute to the family. From 4pm until bedtime they need me more than ever. That is one thing I know for sure.

Changing times and new adventures for all of us.


Lila's first day of Kindergarten

Today it was Lila's turn!!!

Sisters goofing around waiting for Mr. CJ.

I also went up to school to meet Lila on her first day.

Myrt was already waiting for her on the playground.

And then shortly after Reece arrived. These three are super excited to be in class together this year.

Time to line up to go inside. Lindsey caught this shot of me giving my girl a hug! :)

Sweet Ms. F sent me this pic of Lila enjoying her first lunch in the cafeteria.


Meanwhile, just like Lila and I had a special day on Bennett's first day, we met a group of Bennett's friends and got in some end of summer swimming with the boys on their final day of summer.


Lila also had a great first day and was thrilled when she got off of the bus. 
Such a great feeling!


Bennett's first day of Kindergarten

In order to ease the kids into their new school half of the K kids go today, the other half Monday, and then they all start together on Tuesday. This year the split the boys and the girls, and so Bennett is taking on K without his partner in crime. Most classes at our school have about 20-22 kids, so this enables the teachers to get to know the kids for a full day in smaller groups before the school year starts.

Lila was a little sad that she had to sit out, as they had been counting down the days all week...But, when it was time for him to go she gave him a big (unprompted by me) hug! Made my morning!

And as the bus turned around in our cul-de-sac, Elise reached over and grabbed her little brother's hand. :)

After we watched them get on to the bus, I brought Lila to my parents so that I could head up to school and greet him when they arrived.

Here is our big boy arriving at school.

He immediately found some of his best buds from St. Timothy's on the playground.
Stevie, Landon, Bennett

Landon, Bennett, Stevie, Jackson

Ms. Farris showing her boys where they will line up each morning on the K playground.

One more pic of our sweet boy.

Half way through the day I received a text from his teacher- "Bennett is awesome!"
So glad she thinks so, because we do too.


As I treat I took Lila to get her toes done. She was thrilled, and got over the fact that she wasn't at school pretty quickly.

Then we met up with some of the other boys' Moms for a fun lunch! Love these ladies!!
Holly, me, TJ, Witney, and Juliet
All of our kids were in PreK5 together at St. Timothy's and we grew closer over the last year. They are a great group of  Moms!


Bennett got off of the bus with a huge smile on his face - that is all you can hope for!
So thrilled that he loved his first day.


First day of Second Grade

Hard to believe it. Second Grade.

(On a side note, Aunt Mo, as a favor to me designed these grade level shirts for the school! The response was great! We appreciate it!!)

HaHa David and Todd....Stacy and I went up to school early to help out on the first day and we left them in charge of pics....They think they are so funny. :)


Meet and Greet the Teachers

 We found out the kids' teachers last night and we are super excited about the upcoming year!!! 
Per our request, the twins will have the same FABULOUS Kindergarten teacher that Elise had, Ms. Farris.
We are so grateful!!
In addition they have many classmates that they know in their class (Myrt, Reece, Stevie, Delaney)- so they are super excited and can't wait for school to begin. 
Elise, per Ms. Farris' recommendation, was screened and qualified for an academic gifted program and will spend most of her time this year with a teacher specializing in teaching gifted children, Mrs. Rios. She will also have a much loved teacher, Mrs. Madden, for the rest of the day.
(Not a huge fan of that term because we believe all children are gifted, but anyway... the program has been a great thing for her.)

Lila and sweet Reece, who will be taking on Kindergarten together

And the fabulous Ms. Farris!!

Elise starts tomorrow, and the twins are going to have a hard time waiting out the delayed kindergarten start! But, we get to go back up to school tomorrow for their screenings and then I plan to get them together with some fellow kindergardeners next week to make the best of the last few days of summer.


Shark awards

We were very sad to miss the end of the summer swim team banquet, but the kids were thrilled to find awards delivered by Coach Kevin when we got home from the beach.

We are so proud of our little sharks for trying their best this summer. In addition to their participation trophies, and race ribbons each of the kids got special awards voted on by the coaches.

Elise received Most Dedicated Swimmer. She was thrilled, as were David and I, that the coaches recognized her efforts. She truly is dedicated- many times practicing her strokes while we are at the pool for fun, and never wanting to miss a practice.

Lila and Bennett each were awarded the spirit award!! They do have some serious shark spirit and love to cheer their team mates.

Some mornings, I must be honest, it would be nice to sleep a little later in the summer since we would be able to if it were not for swim team. But the fun with the neighborhood kids, the relationships they have built with the coaches, and the improvement I have seen in their swimming (a MUST when you live in South Louisiana around a LOT of water) are so worth it and I am thrilled that they had another great summer of swimming for the sharks.


Annual Beach Trip

We were thrilled to head back to the big purple house this year!!

We love finishing the summer with a week spent full of family.

Lots of time was spent in the pool...

The guys really liked the recliners...:)

We had pretty days at the beach...
Mae kept us very entertained with her constant chatter- favorite words "SuSu", "strawberries", and "Rexy".

I enjoyed a little peace on the beach.

Saw some Dolphins and a shark!

Mac loved playing with the hose...

It was so nice that David was able to stay for the entire week this year- for the first time ever!!!

Love this sweet pic that Mo captured.
We are always sad when the week comes to an end. We are so grateful to my parents for this very special treat every summer.


On our way home we stopped to visit the Barrois in their new city. We enjoyed a nice lunch and walking around the adorable down town area...we miss them, but think they are going to love it there!