NOLA babies

I've been posting like crazy lately. I am proud of myself!! I just had to put these pictures up- these are the shirts that Jared and Erinn gave them for Christmas. Size 18 mos!!!! I just happened to put them on today because it was a little warm out. Glad I didn't wait until the summer, Lila's is already skin tight!! :)


Everyone is growing up...

Lila practicing her crawling...

Elise on the potty! (I know she'll hate me for this later!)

My little man....

I was only gone for 2 days and I feel like all of the kids changed while I was gone!! Lila is really getting close to crawling, Elise is making HUGE strides in her potty training, and Bennett just looks like a little man instead of a baby!

We are so proud of Elise and her milestone. She has been doing great! It is such a weird feeling though to think of her as a little girl. It makes me sad how fast they grow up! But, I have to admit the budget will be thankful to have one of the three out of diapers!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend...

Love, Nicole


Millsaps Reunion

Top row, from left: Currey, Danielle, Kate P, Cindy, Kate M, Theresa
Bottom row, from left: Shelley, Dianne, Me!

I was so thrilled to have a girls' weekend with almost all of my best friends from college. Although I missed David and our three munchkins a ton, it was SO great to catch up with old friends. We had a wonderful time and picked up where we all left off! Thanks so much to the Dyers for letting us use their Destin condo- it was beautiful! Kate M, Theresa, and Currey are all expecting babies this year and it was so much fun to hear about their pregnancies and see their growing bellies! We caught up on every one's lives and reminisced about old times. We also had a LOT of laughs looking at old pictures and Chi O composites! WHAT were we thinking??
I am so grateful to have had such a wonderful college experience, to have made so many lifelong friends, to have such great memories, and to have found a pretty incredible husband as well. Yeah Millsaps!


Big Day for Lila - In a good AND bad way

Lila up on all fours, ready to crawl...Looks like she is trying to beat Bennett in the "who will crawl first" race...

Then we had a slight incident (an accident with Elise - totally unintentional) which resulted in her first bobo....

She "shook it off" and got back to her favorite hobby - jumping!!


Snow-filled Weekend

Elise and David built their first snow-man!

Elise loving the snow....

Working on the snow-man...

Watching the snow-flakes fall...

Warming up and having dinner with Quinn!

We are so grateful that Brad and Lissa invited us to come to Brookhaven for the weekend. We were even more excited when they called Saturday morning as we were on our way up there and told us that there were 2 inches of snow on the ground. It was so much fun to see Elise's face as she saw the snow for the first time!! Elise, David, Quinn, and Lissa had a great time playing in the snow for a little while. Overall it was a very memorable trip!! We always love spending time with the Boerner Family! Hope everyone else had great weekends as well!
Love, Nicole


Booster Seats

I finally gave in to the fact that Bennett and Lila were busting out of their infant seats and so we upgraded to some booster seats today! They did very well eating their first lunch in their new seats. Don't they look proud?
Hope everyone is having a great week!
Love, Nicole


Twin Time!

From left Lila, Bennett, Chloe, and David
The twins had a playdate this morning with the Bordes twins! They are about 2 weeks older than Lila and Bennett. It was fun to watch them check each other out and to visit with their Mom, Shannon!



We went to eat pizza last night with the Barrois family and Elise and Ella loved the guitar player! Thought this was so funny. He called them his back-up dancers because they were singing and swaying to the music!


Baby Playdate!

The babies had some playtime today with their friend Camille Barrois while big sisters Elise and Ella were at gymnastics! So much fun....

Happy New Year!

I couldn't resist posting these cute pics of the twins playing with their Dad.
Happy New Year everyone! Love, Nicole