Merry Christmas!

Elise (in her Cinderella nightgown)playing with her toys from Santa!

Bennett looking at the tree..

Elise reading at SuSu and G's...

Ready for a winter walk!
Lila Sue with her GREAT Grandpa!
Bennett and Grandpa Roland
Christmas Eve bathtime....
Lila working off her Christmas dinner!


Elise's pacifier

Ok- I know a lot of ya'll are looking at the picture of the three of them in bed and saying "why is elise the one with a pacifier?" I swear we are working on this. I am not in denial that she is too old, I am just easing her out of it. So, she only uses it at night and during her nap now! Yippee! Progress.
On another note, she has gone on the potty two days in a row! Big excitement around here!!
Love ya'll!



First bits of sweet potatoes...

Snuggle time!


6 months old

The twins are now 6 months old. I can barely believe it! The time really has flown by...
They had a great check-up this week. Here are their current stats: Bennett weighs 19 lbs 2oz and is 27.5 inches long. Lila is 19 lbs 10oz and 26 inches long. They are getting so big and turning into such little people. They are really starting to interact with each other and with their big sis. It is so neat to watch. We are all looking forward to Christmas and have several other milestones to look forward to this month. My Dad is turning 60 and my Grandpa (Dad's Dad) is turning 90!! So, we have a lot to celebrate. I'll post some pictures soon. Hope you all are doing well!
Love, Nicole