September has flown by. Elise is back in Mother's Day Out twice and week and is loving it! I am loving having some alone time with the twins, and am taking Elise to "gymnastics" once a week so I can have alone time with her. We have restarted our weekly Wednesday night dinners with Mimi and Grandpa and we are really enjoying that! I know I am so thankful that my kids will get to know 3 of their Great-Grandparents!

The twins are HUGE! Bennett is 16lb 3oz and Lila has passed her brother and is now 16lb 10oz!! I looked back at Elise's baby book and she was only 14lb 9oz when she was 4 months- and we thought she was big!! They have also started sleeping through the night..from about 9 until 5:30 or 6, so David and I are feeling much better now! I hate that this isn't a better picture of Lila, but it is hard to get a good one of all three!!

We are taking our first long road trip to Nashville in 2 weeks to visit Aunt Mo! Elise can't wait! I am really looking forward to it too (except for the 8 hours in the car with three babies!!)

Hope everyone is doing well!

Love, Nicole


Lila and Bennett are now 3 months old and are doing great!! Lila seems to have a little bit more of a temper than her little brother- which is evident in the picture above!! They are both really sweet babies though. They are now sleeping from 10-4, which is great! I can't wait until 4 becomes 5 and then 6 and then 7! YEAH!

Elise starts Mother's Day Out on Wednesday and once she gets over the initial adjustment I know she'll love have timing away from the babies where she can play with all of the "big kids" her age!

We recently came back from our family beach trip and she had a total blast! The twins didn't enjoy it so much, but I know next year will be a whole different story. We hope everyone is doing well and welcome visitors whenever! Love, Nicole