a rayburn mardi gras

Since we had gone to two parades already in Mandeville, we decided to take advantage of David's two days off of work and head to his parent's lake house near Jasper, Texas. It is a little long of a trip for a regular weekend, but the extra two days made it perfect. Soccer was rained out Saturday and so we got up, got packed and headed out.

David was really excited to show the kids the place where he spent a lot of time while growing up. On the agenda: canoe rides, fishing, hikes, croquet, movie nights, and s'mores. As you can see in the following pics we pretty much accomplished it all, and had a great time while doing it. The kids were NOT happy to leave yesterday!!

It was a nice change to be cell phone free for a couple of days, just hang out, relax, and spend time together. The kids loved seeing the lake and all of the places David used to go, as well as spending some time with their Grandparents. Besides all of the outdoor activities, the bunk beds were a great source of fun, and Bennett is already asking for some in his room!

Too bad it is a not a little bit closer, or I think we would be there much more often!

Elise's school parade

Elise's school had its annual Mardi Gras parade Friday afternoon and we were all so excited! From what I have heard, the parade has gotten a little bit bigger each year, and this year the kids were thrilled because they actually had a pair of Clydesdales walking in the parade. That, and the Military escorts were some of the highlights.
Elise's class dressed as Saturn, and I must say (although biased) I thought they were the cutest class. Her teacher has a reputation for great ideas, and she didn't disappoint...

Elise (stuffing down King Cake), Reese, and Carsten pre-partying before the parade...

Elise and her sweet friend Laura...

With their shades on ready to march...

Our little Saturn...

Here they come...

Saturn with its rings...

We all had a great time and were sad that sweet Bennett (with the stomach bug for the second time in two weeks) had to miss out! Definitely something to look forward to next year. What a great way for the kids to learn about both Louisiana traditions and science at the same time! They had a blast!


Elise's Ball

Yesterday was the Kindergarten Mardi Gras Ball for Elise's school. They were able to wear dress clothes, rather than uniforms, and were all Maids and Dukes. Each class made different costumes and accessories for the party.

Here is Elise and her Duke entering the ball. They decorated their own masks for the big event!

Her sweet class...

Dancing with her Duke...

What a cute little pair!

It was obvious that they had been told to stay with their partner and keep arms locked..the rule follower that she is, Elise would NOT let go of him! He is a sweet little boy and didn't seem too disappointed about this. :)

More fun coming up this week!



February already...and I know I sound like a broken record, but the days are moving way too quickly!

Can't believe:
* Mac & Mae are already one month old!
* Elise recently celebrated her 100th day of Kindergarten- her school is year is more than half way over!
* Lila and Bennett have coasted way past 4 1/2...only 4 months and they will be 5!

Had our first marathon day at the soccer field Saturday and all three kids had a great time! I hope to have some pictures soon. We are lucky to have children of photographers on both of the twins' teams, so we should have access to lots of great pics!

I like to hang with this little guy:

He is smart, stubborn, funny, and loving. He loves to tell me he loves me, and I love to hear it!

Little Boss-man spent the bulk of the week at the vet last week recovering from his second surgery in under 6 months. We are really praying that this one helps his leg for good! He is far too young and way to sweet to be hurting all of the time.

Papers I get home in school folders like this make me smile and laugh:

Is this a great example of Mars vs. Venus, or what?

Lots to look forward in coming weeks as Mardi Gras approaches!

Happy Tuesday!