8 weeks old!!!

Well the twins are now 8 weeks old and it is surprising how quickly that time has gone by. WE are not really sleeping that much, and there is really nothing easy about this process. I have absolutely no clue how Nicole does what she does - truly superwoman. But, the rewards are starting to begin as bennett cracks a half crooked smile after he has eaten and is drunk off of milk. Lila just screams a lot. But they both do that. If i wanted to torture you I would put a sound file on the page so you could hear what i am listening to as i type this while balancing lila on my knees. Anyway, Nicole and I had our first family dinner out a week ago, and Elise was great. the twins slept through most of it, and once they woke up they were interested in the noises of Caretta's (mexican restaurant in Mandeville that is always packed). They did great.
We are preparaing for the twins first overnight trip which will either be to Brookhaven, MS, to see the Boerner's or to Baton Rouge to see Jared's new place. That will certainly be a joy for all, and probably our last trip to whichever place is dumb enough to invite us.

The kids are both over 13 pounds now, and Elise at 2 is only 25. Bennett is catching up with Elise. But actually, it is Lila that is the pudge of the group, along with me (David).

More later... for now some pics and some pics of Elise with her present for her second birthday!!!


1 month check up

The twins are now a month old. I can't believe it. It has really gone by fast...
Bennett is up to 11 lbs 2ounces and Lila now weighs 10 lbs 10 ounces! They are really big, chunky babies! Everyone at the pediatrician's office really laughs at our "preemies" that are bigger than most full term single babies! We are so lucky...