Fun in the Sun

Lila sunbathing...

First time in the baby pool. They were loving it!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Love, Nicole


Dad....not a hairdresser

So Nicole was gone all morning at a garage sale she was involved in with the Moms of Multiples group. I took the kids to get donuts and to see Nicole at the garage sale. Elise ate 11 donut holes before demanding to get up, spilling her chocolate milk and the other two donut holes on the ground. We came home and, while the twins napped, Elise wanted me to do her hair and her new Belle (at the garage sale, $3.00!) doll's hair.

We finished as Nicole was coming in, so Nicole got to see me finish Belle's and then do Elise's to match. Plus, Nicole helped me think of using a chop-stick in Elise's ponytail to get the erect effect. Belle's hair naturally had that type of thickness.

I think it killed Nicole to sit there and watch what was happening. I would look over at her and she was doing the whole face where a wreck is about to happen, and also kept mumbling things to herself.

I don't really think their matching hairdos came out too bad... what do you think?

Lila and Bennett thoroughly enjoyed what was going on...lots of laughs, mostly at my expense.


Thank Goodness for the Swing Set!

Elise has been living outside! It has been such a blessing. She LOVES to swing. Yesterday she made me laugh so hard because out of the blue when I was pushing her on the swing she said, "Mom, this is AMAZING!"!!! I didn't even know that was part of her vocabulary! She is so much fun!

Lila loves to hang out in the swing too!!

Bennett, on the other hand, is much happier either on stable ground or in my arms. He holds his breath whenever I put him in the swing. So, for now, it is girls only!!

Hope ya'll are having a good week!
Love, Nicole


Zoo trip

It was such a beautiful day yesterday we decided to take a trip to the zoo!
In the back were Bennett and Camille, and in the front Mary Miller and Lila...

Mary Miller and Lila...

Elise, Will, Ella, and Lilly

Elise riding the whale..

Mary Miller catching a nap! She is only 4 months- but very tall! I think she is going to be a super-model!!

It was a great day. I was totally exhausted, but it was well worth it! We don't get too many beautiful days before it becomes too HOT!!

Love, Nicole


Happy Easter!

Great Granpdpa Ray feeding his namesake...

Great Grandpa Roland (Laurent) helping Elise look for eggs!

It took us about 50 tries and we were almost late for church trying to get this picture.
This is the best we could do!

David and the kids!

Lila enjoying her Easter...

Getting a bottle from Aunt Mo...

The finished product after all of Elise's hard work Saturday!

Hope everyone had a wonderful time with family.
Love, Nicole


Easter Egg Project

Today Elise and I worked on an Easter egg project! I was so excited! This was the first year that she was ready for something like this and it was a lot of fun. We dyed the eggs and then she carefully brushed glitter on them. She takes her "projects" (as she likes to call them) VERY seriously, as you can tell.
She is so much fun!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!
Love, Nicole

Big Project

My parents told us they would get the kids a swing set for their birthdays this year and decided we should go ahead and get it so we could use it through the summer. This is especially helpful to me because taking all three mobile kids to the park alone sounds very scary at this point! Obviously, it is mostly for Elise, but I know before long all three will be having a blast! I am so thankful and know we will spend tons of time outside because of this!!

This is what is looked like yesterday morning. David laid out all of the parts and got everything ready and then my Dad came over to help for the day.

The finishing touches....

The twins were on hand to observe....

Elise looking esctatic in her new fort!!!


Bennett joins the mobile!!

Bennett got tired of watching Lila crawl circles around him and started crawling today!
He is very proud! He actually throws the ball (left-handed for now) and then crawls after it. Self-sufficient catch!!
After avoiding sickness for a very long time it is finally my turn. I am just hoping that I don't pass it back to the kids and start this over again. It is not fun...
My Mom has been helping a ton and so hopefully that will help us avoid restarting the sick chain!
Hope everyone else is doing well!
Love, Nicole


9 month check-up

Above pics of the twins dressed and ready to go see Dr. Mikell!
Mrs. Peggy Stogner monogrammed their shirts (http://mysweetpeanut.blogspot.com/)- I think they are so cute. Thanks Mrs. Peggy and Casey!!!

So, here are the stats:
Lila is 22lb 3oz and 28 1/4inches (95%)
Bennett is 22lb 10oz and 29 3/4inches (94%)

So, they started big and have remained big! Dr. Mikell said they are doing great!
Although, we did learn the Lila apparently has a very high pain threshold. Both of her ears were very infected and she had not given me any clue! She has been sleeping, eating, and very content...I would have never known if it weren't for the check-up!

Hope this finds everyone doing well!
Love, Nicole


One is mobile!!!

There she goes...

This is Lila's "excited" face...She loves to stick out her tongue!

I think I can now officially say Lila is crawling. It is the funniest thing. She'll crawl for a while and then a few seconds later it is like she forgets that she knows how! So, then she screams in frustration for a few minutes and then eventually begins the whole process over...
I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow...
Meanwhile, Bennett does not even look like that thought has crossed his mind. He just sits there and smiles. Good old Bennett. We have their 9 month check up on Wednesday so I'll update ya'll with their stats after that!

So, I guess I jinxed myself by titling my last post "All Well"- probably 5 minutes after I wrote it Elise's fever came back and is still going. They are still not really sure what she has, but luckily she has tested negative for pneumonia, the flu, and RSV so far....She is starting antibiotics tonight so hopefully we'll notice some improvement tomorrow...

Happy Monday everyone!
Love, Nicole