Elise's long,long, long, long wait is finally over! She lost her first tooth last week!!! Wooooohooooo! A big exciting event for a 7 year old!



Playing catch up once again on our blog and wanted to post a few of the pics I took during our "hunkering down" for hurricane Isaac. We decided to stay put, although I am not sure we would make that same decision again. Thankfully, we were safe and sound and had no real damage. Many others were not so blessed.

This is all of our "Isaac art". The kids went through lots of paper, crayons, and markers during those days were trapped inside. It was seriously the longest hurricane ever!! 

We camped out on the first floor all together on pallets and away from windows just in case one of the pines on our heavily wooded lot came down on the house.  Our lot and its wooded feel is one of the things we love most about where we live--- except during hurricanes.

Water from the Tchufuncte river began coming into our backyard. Many other people had the "river" in their homes!

We lost two big trees, but thankfully in the way back of the property (which technically isn't even our property) and so for that we are grateful. Could have been much worse. We were also amazed that we someone managed to have power throughout the storm. So, between art projects, eating, and movie-watching we stayed pretty busy!


First Day of PreK

Lila and Bennett have been waiting and waiting and waiting...probably the longest 3 weeks of their lives (HA!) for school to finally start! Well, it was finally their turn on Monday the 27th. Lila was extra excited about her first day of school dress, which she picked out (and I LOVE!) and, as usual, Bennett was a great sport about matching his sister for me. Lila was even specific about her "side braid", and I did my best!
Last year without uniforms, so they might as well look super spiffy for their first day!!!
In addition, Lila lost ANOTHER tooth the night before school and the tooth fairy brought her a charm bracelet, just like Elise's, but with a little tooth charm. So, she wanted to wear that as well.
They walked right in and sat down (at different tables, by choice) and got right to their coloring!

Unfortunately, their first day was also their last day for another week because of a nasty little interruption named Isaac...more to come on that!