Warning: Excessive Halloween posts to follow.

Every year we look forward to the annual Halloween Boo-fet at our neighborhood club. They have tons of kid friendly food, face painting, a balloon man, a costume contest and a parade. We always have a great time!
Since my parents are out of town for actual Halloween this year, we stopped by on our way last Wednesday so that the kids could show of this year's costumes.

Olivia the Pig didn't feel like posing....

But Flynn Rider and Rapunzel did!

Then we headed to the club where we saw lots of friends- Bennett and Landon...

Elise and Jacob...(so sad I didn't get a pic of Thing 2- Patrick).

Lila and David...

and with her friend and classmate, Meredith.

Deacon, Jack Ramsey, and Bennett....

It was a very fun night, although quite chaotic and ALL about the kids. We had a "table" with the Mills and Bristers, but I don't recall one time when any of us were all sitting at it at the same time! :)
Nevertheless, it is a very fun tradition and a great way to kick off the Halloween festivities!


baton rouge bound

David was thrilled to finally take Lila and Bennett to their first LSU tailgate yesterday. They had a bye weekend for soccer, and so we took that chance to head to Baton Rouge for the day. This was Elise's third trip to LSU for a game, and she had just as much fun as in the past. The weather was beautiful, and the kids loved seeing all of the sights! In fact, all three were very disappointed that we didn't have tickets to the actual game. They really wanted to stay!

Watching Coach Miles and the players walk down the hill...

Waiting for the band, Golden Girls, and cheerleaders...

So excited to see Uncle Jared and Aunt Erinn!

Face painting was one of the highlights!

When we got back to Mandeville we watched the game together on dvr. Elise was especially interested and asked questions throughout the game- I think she is going to be a girl who loves football like her Mommy! She is definitely picking up on the rules and the way the game works. It was a fun, full day spent together as a family- and topped off by a big Tiger win!!


Mom's Tea

One of my favorite events of the year, the Mom's tea, was held for Lila and Bennett's preschool class on Monday. They spend a lot of time practicing songs, making place-mats and corsages, and decorating the room. They were so excited to show me all of their work.

Poor Bennett- his hair would not cooperate in any way, shape, or form Monday morning! Lila picked out her purple dress to wear, and was thrilled that it was her turn to be the flag holder while I was there.

I loved meeting the new friends they have been talking about, and seeing all of the neat art work they have been doing.
I always cherish this event!!


more soccer shots

We only have a few games left in this soccer season, and Lila and Bennett will be sad to see it end. We spend a good chunk of our Saturdays at the ball field, but they are having a blast playing and are so fun to watch! (Although Elise doesn't always think so- but they watched her for two years, so now it is her turn!)

Speaking of, Bennett doesn't love it when it is his turn to be a spectator...he usually finds "friends" to play soccer with in the open area by the field. But now and then he comes to cheer for his sister.

Guess I was too busy watching him play last weekend to take any action shots!

But I did get some of Lila...here she is dribbling down the field...

Kicking a goal kick...

And doing some more dribbling...

It is lots of fun to watch and I know David is having a ton of fun (as well as doing a great job) as coach!

I have some pics of Mom's Tea and Dad's Night at their school, but the computer is taking forever to upload..so those will have to wait until tomorrow!

Good night!


rock star

We had another extremely packed weekend- I celebrated a friend's 40th birthday Friday night. We were at the soccer fields from 9-2 on Saturday. Then grabbed a late lunch with David's parents (who had come to watch the soccer games) before heading to an 80th birthday celebration for sweet Aunt Kathleen. On Sunday, after church, David took Lila and Bennett to play golf and I took Elise to her friend Farrah's "Rock Star" birthday party.

It was at a salon, and the girls had lots of fun getting "make-overs"- nails, hair, and make up.

Elise loved it! We were also thrilled to cap off the weekend with victories for the Saints and LSU! Woohoo!

This week Elise is so excited to have both sets of Grandparents eat lunch with her at school for Grandparents week. Emmy and Pop were able to come today, and SuSu and G will be eating with her on Wednesday. What a lucky little girl!