Level IV Ultrasound, 29 weeks 3 days

We had a great appointment with the fetal-maternal specialist. I really can't believe how lucky we have been throughout this pregnancy. Things have been going so well and we are so thankful.
The twins are HUGE!! Bennett was 4lb 7oz and is the 98% for a single pregnancy! Dr. Pridjian was thrilled. Lila was 3lb 14oz and also measuring big, even for a single pregnancy. So, assuming things continue to go well and I am able to carry close to term, the Dr. thinks that these will be some 6-7 lb chunky, healthy babies!
Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers! Love, Nicole and David


April 2nd Ultrasound- 27 weeks, 3 days

The babies are doing great! Bennett now weighs 2lbs 13oz, and Lila 2lbs 10oz. We are very blessed; our Doctor seems really happy with the way everything is going, and I am so thankful that I am still able to do most things! It is getting closer and closer and it is hard to believe TWO babies will be here before we know it!