january in one post

 So January came and went and we filled it with a lot of fun. I feel like a broken record, but I really couldn't have imagined life being busier than it was when the kids were really little- but it truly is! School work and extra curriculars abound, and now I have added in working part time at Erinn and Jared's boutique, plus volunteering at the schools and so the blog is definitely suffering. 

But, I refuse to give up!!!

So I am going to jam all of the highlights from January  into one big post.

We still love to visit Mimi and she loves to spoil the kids with treats like Diet Coke, which they had never had!!! What I say goes out of the window at her house!! If I live to have great grand-kids I'll probably be the same way!

We had a fun night out bowling with the Barrois family, and hope to do it again soon!

Bennett and Jacob had a fun play date while Lila was at Myrt's house.

With Monique and her friends I hosted a baby shower for Erinn. Unfortunately I have no other pictures!!!

Lila and Reece had some fun play dates and their first sleepover!

Elise and her girls' best friend hanging on the porch.

The deer continue to visit our backyard.

Elise is loving first grade and doing so well.

After two great report cards we agreed to grant her wish and she started piano lessons, which she absolutely loves! Above she is ready for her first class. She has a private lesson once a week for 30 minutes and she is really enjoying it. She practices on her own all of the time.

Lila and Bennett (together) earned another visit from their class pet, Bananas. He helped us celebrate Mimi's 85th birthday at SuSu and G's house.

At the birthday celebration Bennett lost his other bottom front tooth.

And later that night Elise lost her first top front tooth...

And left this sweet note for the Tooth Fairy...

And then, along with Abby, sang Happy Birthday to Mimi and helped her blow out her candles.

And I had to include this adorable portrait Bennett did of his pal Mozart at school. Isn't it adorable? The teachers are going to let Lila do one too so I can hang them up in the playroom.

Definitely a fun filled, jam packed month. And lots coming in February as well, including a big surprise trip for the kids!!!!!