Date night

The girls both had invites, and David was out of town, so Bennett and I had a date night tonight! We went to Megumi, my favorite sushi restaurant, and Bennett was super excited about the kids meal. They serve it in a big boat- tempura chicken, rice, salad, and cantaloupe. He loved it!!

When we got home we watched American Ninja Warrior and I let him have a "sleepover" with me in David's spot. It was a fun night with my sweet boy. I loved hearing all that he had to say, without having to compete for my attention with his sisters. He's a funny guy.


Late night

We are still adjusting to and trying to figure out our new school schedule and Wednesday nights are super full. We LOVE going to Wednesday night dinner at church, but this year Elise has ballet on Wednesdays from 6:30-7:45. So, without time to do her homework before ballet (if we go to WND) it makes for a very late night for her. 
Tonight she was up late sprawled on the kitchen floor with her best friend Boss hanging out with her. Broken pencil and all.


Math Night

PES Math Night is always a fun time for the kids to go to school at night and have fun with Math, their parents, and their peers. Lila and Bennett were so excited about their first one- we skipped soccer so that they could be there! School before extra curricular, right?

Izzy, Lila, Annabella, Reece

Bennett and Stevie

Somehow Elise escaped pics, but she was there in full force as well. David and I each spent a half hour with Kindergarten and a half hour with second grade.
It was a great night!


wasp sting with a happy ending

I was working at Posh today when my cell started ringing. First a call from the school secretary, Julie, to let me know that sweet Lila had been stung by a wasp at recess. As soon as I hung up with her I called David (his new office is right next to school) to see if he could pop over there to give her some Benadryl. As soon as I hung up with him, Ms. Farris called and said that she actually had meds and since I had her as an emergency contact she could go ahead and give them to her. I could tell, as usual, that she was getting a lot of love at school. I got a text from a friend who was volunteering in the office letting me know how brave she was being. :)
By the time I got back in touch with David he was already on his way there and so he stopped in to check on our girl and Ms. Farris invited him to read a story to the class. It was second grade lunch time at this point, so he had a lunch date with Elise in the cafeteria and then went and read to the class afterwards.
The kids were thrilled, as was David to get to spend a little time at school.

Drama filled morning with a very happy ending.



Being able to volunteer at the kids school has been so rewarding on so many levels. Today was a perfect example of a moment I will cherish forever. A sweet little girl from our church, who is new to our school this year, brought me this sweet note today as I was working in the front office. I saw her last week when I worked and asked her about school and how she was liking her teacher, etc, and apparently what I thought was just a sweet little moment meant a lot to her- and that really touches my heart.