Elise's specs

Since school started, Elise has mentioned a few times that her eyes get "tired" by lunchtime and that sometimes her head hurts. Part of me thought that she may just be adjusting to being back in school all day, and a much more challenging teacher and curriculum.  Plus, it is no secret that she is a big fan of glasses- often rocking some faux ones. But, since David and I both needed glasses at relatively young ages, we decided to have her vision checked.

Sure enough, our girl needs glasses.

She is actually a little far sighted and so needs them for reading. The Dr. said she could grow out of it, or maybe not- that we should have her re-screened in a year or two unless she complains of any other issues. She is super excited, and enjoyed picking out her frames.

I have to admit- she looks adorable in them.

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