5 days and counting

sorry about not updating, but Nicole will be in the hospital until the babies are delivered. Right now that is scheduled for friday, June 1. They are giving her meds to keep her from having uncontrolled contractions, and so far it is working. on June 1 they will be 36 weeks, so hopefully everyone will be well and able to come home from the hopsital by the 4th or 5th.

She is not getting good rest and is uncomfortable in the bed, but her paid is controlled alright by the meds.

I thank everyone for keeping her, bennett and lila in your prayers.


Here are a few pics of our current pride and joy. Touchdown, L-S-U on the left, and watering daddy instead of the plants on the right.

On hold

only 2-3 contractions an hour for most of the day yesterday. She is having a few more this morning and it seems as though things are livening up a bit like wednesday. Her Dr. will check her again this morning for dilation, contraction levels, comfort level, adn we may have a game plan at that point. She slept ok last night. I called at around midnight and she was asleep, I called at 4 and talked to her, and aroudn 630 and she was awake again.
Hopefully she can get some rest today if things settle down a bit.
If not, maybe babies.



well, the mangesium slowed down her contractions a good bit, and now they are acting like the babies won't come until tonight or tomorrow. she is on a morphine drip, so she feels fine but probaly just hungry and uncomfortable in the bed.
more later



Nicole checked in to Lakeview Hospital this morning around 9:30 this morning because she was 2-3 cm dilated. I was in federal court in a hearing until around 11:30, and made it to the hospital around 12:30. They basically monitored her all day, and around 5 her Dr. came in and checked her levels and other stuff and she was 3-4 cm dilated. That means the magnesium they have been giving her to stop labor and contractions was not working, but simply delaying the inevitable. So, the doctor has said she will not leave the hospital until the babies are born, and the Dr. puts it at less than 48 hours. So, i am home playing with Elise, feeding her dinner, and putting her down. Should Nicole get any worse, they are going to call me and i am only 5 minutes away with no stoplights so i can motor over there. Yes, if i leave in the middle of the night one of Elise's godmothers is coming to sleep here until she wakes up.

Anyway, say a little prayer for bennett, lila and nicole.



34 weeks, 3 days

Alot of people have been asking for updates (it is so nice that so many of ya'll care about us!) so, even though I don't have much to report I thought I should post something! I had a checkup today and everything went well. They monitored both babies heartbeats for about 30 minutes each and said they both sound great! Dr. Schultis said it is pretty much impossible at this point to predict when I will go into labor, but she is thrilled that I have made it this far and said the babies should be just fine, even if it happened tonight! We have really been very blessed throughout this pregnancy. Dr. S is very hopeful that I will make it to at least 36 weeks, and maybe even 38! At this point I am selfishly hoping for 36- they are getting pretty heavy to carry around and sleep is pretty much not happening anymore (probably good preparation for what is to come!) !! Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers, and hopefully we will all get to meet Lila and Bennett soon! Love, Nicole


Ultrasound, 32 weeks and 3 days

Getting closer.....today's ultrasound showed great baby growth. Bennett is now measuring around 5lbs 4oz and Lila 4lbs 7oz. We are really thankful that they are both doing so well!