summer fun

Our summer has been off to a great start! We spend the majority of our time swimming, but have also had some down time at home working on work books...

Don't they look like three little angels? HaHa...

We had our first swim (practice) meet last week and the kids had a blast! I am so thrilled that swimming is something all three of them absolutely love! Makes for a very nice summer.....we were at the pool until late Friday night watching a movie outside and then were back last night for some poolside bingo. If you can't be at the beach, it is a pretty fun way to spend Memorial Day!

Once the holiday is over I am looking forward to settling into our loose summer routine. Going to work a weekly library trip in...which the kids are looking forward to! We also have LOTS to look forward to this week....L & B's big 5th birthday is right around the corner!!!!!!!!


part three - elise

After our lunch, we all headed over to Elise's school for her end of the year program. I wasn't really sure what to expect, since it is our first year there. It definitely didn't disappoint. 
It started off with the White Stripes song "We're Going to be Friends" while a slide show with pics of the kids played, and so I was holding back tears from the beginning. The kids sang lots of great songs relating to each subject to take us through a day in kindergarten. Some were touching, some were silly, and they were all adorable to watch.

During one part of the program the kids were each flashed on the screen with their baby picture and then a picture taken this year while a beautiful version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" played. Cue tears.
Elise was VERY tight lipped about this performance so I really had no idea what to expect. She didn't tell me anything and so I had no idea about the baby picture at all!

They also performed two of the songs in sign language, which was sooo touching and sweet. And at the end they sang "May there always be Sunshine" and pretty much put me over the edge!

After the program we all headed to Elise's classroom for a party. I was in charge of the cake and I loved how it turned out!!! With the exception of the extra "s" on Farris' I think it is perfection!! The kids all loved having their school mascot on the cake. I wish I could say I did something other than order and pick it up, but I have finally accepted that baking is just not one of my gifts!

The kids had each doodled on the paper on their table in front of their seats and I am so glad David snapped a picture of what Elise had written. Made me smile.

The girls and I and sweet Ms. Farris.

Lila and Bennett enjoying some of the delicious cake! 

A big hug for G!

SuSu and G. 

The whole gang! How blessed are the kids that both sets of Grandparents were able to attend!!

David goofing around with Reese and Elise.

Our sweet girl, looking so grown up.

Elise and one of her new friends from this year, Ava.

And her old friend, William.

Another pic of Elise with Ms. Farris. She simply adores her, and David and I will forever be grateful to her for the amazing year Elise had. She is truly a gifted teacher.

E hanging with her girls Reese and Carsten.

And a sweet hug for me!! 
Although she is very excited about summer I can also sense a lot of sadness in her. Don't think she is quite ready for this year to end. Think all of those conflicting emotions are a LOT for a 6 year old!

Love my big girl.

We are so proud of you!!!

part two- lila and bennett

 Lila and Bennett's program was first and it was a great way to start of the day! They were so blessed because all of the Grandparents were able to come.  None of the pictures from inside the program came out well, but we were able to get a few after. They did a great job with their songs and it was adorable. Only one year left at their precious school and then they'll be headed to Kindergarten!

Us with our "babies" - who will be 5 two weeks from today!!!!

Their sweet teachers.

Some of their classmates, giving the teachers their gifts...

Before we needed to head over to Elise's school we had time for a quick lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Lila's request was for cheese dip! So we let her have it- for her meal!! Why not?? It was a celebration day!

She was thrilled to have SuSu on one side and Emmy on the other!

It was a very memorable morning! As always, we are so proud of them. They have both grown, physically (almost 6 inches each since school started!!!) and emotionally, and we love them so much! Their school has been such a blessing to us.

day full of celebrations, part 1

It was Lila and Bennett's last day of school today and Elise gets out on Tuesday so we decided to wake the kids up with a little "happy summer!" treat this morning! They each got a workbook to use during quiet time this summer and then a fun little happy- flip flops for the girls and a shark tee for Bennett.
Then we geared up for a fun day of school programs!!!!!
This week has flown by extra fast because we have now added swim team into the mix, which all three kids are loving! Definitely makes it FEEL like summer!!
And then the fun day began...


Mother's Day

We had a great, laid back Mother's Day this year. I was served my favorite breakfast- Starbucks and a scone, and then the kids showed me the project they had worked on with David. Precious stepping stones for our backyard with their hand and footprints in them! After that we went to church and then stopped by my Grandparents house. We then ate a delicious lunch at our house with my parents and just hung out. My Mom and I went back to my Grandparents later that evening for some more quality time with Mimi (and Grandpa). To say I am blessed on Mother's Day is definitely a massive understatement. Some days I really have to pinch myself because the blessing of three beautiful, sweet, healthy children is really more than I ever imagined I would have! Even on the days they are driving me nuts I am so grateful!!

We are having a super busy week as school is coming to an end. As sad as I am that school is ending I am excited about summer as well! Lots to look forward to!


chick pics

We had a great weekend with the chicks...but as you can see from the above pic, we had one family member who couldn't wait for them to leave!!! Boss was very jealous whenever the kids would get near them. Poor thing is used to being the center of attention around here...



One of the most amazing experiences of Elise's year has been the hatching of chick eggs with her kindergarten class. She is absolutely enthralled, and just can't get enough. She wants to know everything she can about them. She is a huge animal lover, and this hands on project has meant so much to her. For reasons that they do not know the first batch of eggs that the class had were unsuccessful. Only one hatched, and so he immediately had to be returned to the farm because (as I learned from Elise) they need the brood to survive. So, her teacher decided to get a whole new batch so that the kids could actually have the full experience. Every day we get updates on the chicks. So far 17 have hatched, and many while the kids actually watched it happen. She loves describing it all to us, and we love hearing it!
Last night, during prayers, Elise started talking about Bobby Jindal. It took a few moments for me to realize that she wasn't talking about our Governor Bobby Jindal, but that is one of the chicks! I seriously hadn't laughed that hard in so long and had tears running down my cheeks. I wish I could remember exactly how she said it. It was just too funny. And then as soon as she got off of the bus today Lila asked her "How's Bobby Jindal doing?" and then I just lost it again.
Elise also told me about one little chick that was born with some special needs. His legs don't work properly and he has a hard time standing up. Sometimes the other chicks peck at him, because that is what they would do in nature. I got a text from her teacher telling me how much Elise wanted to protect that chick, and how (completely on her own) she came up with some different ways to help the chick.She also warned me that she had to talk to Elise about natural selection and survival of the fittest- in a way that she felt was appropriate for her age. She wanted her to be prepared in case the little chick does not survive. And, to top it off, she let Elise name that one, and she named the chick "Hope". When I found that out the real tears started...
I love seeing this very compassionate side of Elise. She is definitely an introvert, and our least affectionate child...at least in the more standard ways of showing affection. But, it is there, and I love that her amazing teacher has also gotten a glimpse into her sometimes hard to reach true self....
As of now she wants to be a veterinarian...and I think she'd be amazing! :)

For the parents that are up for it, the kids can take turns taking the chicks home for a night and so we are definitely on the list of volunteers. I hope to have some pictures soon!!

So, now we are praying for Hope and Bobby Jindal nightly...